Taking Help from Partner for Labour Positioning

The best way of enduring the pains during labour is to share the experience with your partner. The best part is that doing this makes you feel as though it is a collective effort.

Written by: Arka Roy Chowdhury Updated at: 2018-06-14 13:12

Labouring is a difficult time for a pregnant woman, and the best way to endure this pain is with help and support from the male partner. After all, pregnancy is not a lone job of the woman.

The best way to make your labour an endurable and perhaps even enjoyable experience is to share your moments of pain and agony with your partner. Having your partner around will not only ensure loving support, but would also make it appear like a collective effort rather than an individual effort whereby only you have to face it all. 

The best intervention by your spouse could probably be through labour positioning with a partner. There are some positions that can truly ease labour pangs and facilitate childbirth. These can be more efficiently carried out when there is a partner for stability and support.

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Slow Dancing

We know that you are heavy and it would be difficult to literally dance, but here is a good method to start things on the labour front. You should ask your partner to give you a light back massage as you slow dance you way through the labour pains. Also, slow dancing would allow you to use the gravitational pull to your favour. Hence, this method can be effectively be used in all the stages of labour.

Belly Lift Dance

If you dance with a belly lift then this too will give similar repercussions as a slow dance. Your partner should provide support to your belly and thus it would become easier for you to remain in a standing position for long. Here too gravity could be of good help for you.

Relaxing Positions

Relaxing positions can be enjoyed with your partner in order to ease the trauma and stress associated with it. You could relax on a rocking chair and also have your partner rock it slowly as he sits by your side and comforts you. He should be using encouraging words. Try using an exercise ball while your partner could sway it gently from side to side.

Leaning and Squatting

It is possible for your legs to feel tired and could face trouble to carry your weight. During such times you can consider a combination of leaning and squatting labour positioning with your partner. You should lean against his legs as he would be able to access your back easily and give you a good relaxing rub.

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The Dangle Position

You could use the dangle position with your partner’s help and this could be the best way to speed up the process of labour. You should try to do this during contractions and take breaks in between when the intensity of the contractions dies down. This position provides rest to your legs and helps in using gravity to your advantage.

When your baby is in the pelvis you should squat as this could be the most beneficial position to try at this time. Certainly you would need your partner to provide support at this time. Practising labour positioning with a partner is all about making the child birth process a mutually enjoyable one. Just make sure you seek medical advice before indulging in any of them.

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