Keeping A Plant At Your Work Station May Help In Lowering Down Work Stress

Can keeping plants at your office desk reduce stress and anxiety? Researchers have proved that keeping a small plant near to you keeps you happy.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2020-01-06 11:15

Stress has become staple in our lives be it work stress or personal life stress. Admittedly, all of us are dealing with it which is making our mental health suffer. Stress is detrimental for health which not only affects cognitive wellness but also physical and psychological. Work stress is something that can't be ignored. In this era of competition, work stress is more powerful and dominating our lives. To succeed, we work extra and over-exercise our brains that directly impacts our performance. Scientists have found a cure to minimize the stress levels in the form of indoor plants. They have found that keeping a plant at your work station may keep stress away.

In today's times, office stress is a pressing issue. People take so much at their workplace that they fail to enjoy their personal lives which are concerning. Therefore, researchers from the University of Hyogo, Awaji, Japan did a practical test on stress-reduction by placing plants at the desk of employees. As per their theory, keeping small indoor plants may effective lower down stress levels in the employees to some degree. The exposure to green environment leaves a positive impact on mental health especially on those who aren't exposed to nature. The study titled 'Potential of a Small Indoor Plant on the Desk for Reducing Office Worker Stress' is published in the science journal ‘HortTechnology’.

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As per lead researcher Masahiro Toyoda, “At present, not so many people fully understand and utilize the benefit of stress recovery brought by plants in the workplace. To ameliorate such situations, we decided it essential to verify and provide scientific evidence for the stress restorative effect by nearby plants in a real office setting.”

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In this experiment, the researchers placed plants at the work desk of over 60 people. They tracked their physiological and psychological health before and after planting the plant. They found that plants significantly lowered down work stress and after-work fatigue. Keeping a plant and gazing at it boosts positive thoughts and thus helps the worker stay content and focused. Plants have a calming effect which helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

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