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Heard About Juice Fasting? Well There’s A Juice To Cure Ever Health Condition

Here’s everything you need to know about juice fasting and its benefits along with juices to cure various health conditions.  

Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Nov 17,2021
Updated at: Nov 17,2021

Who does not like to drink a glass or two of their favourite juice in that scorching summer heat or spring evenings or even winter morning? Getting a glass of your favourite fruit or vegetable juice can actually make you feel happy and refreshed within no time. Where people often tend towards fruit juices in order to treat their taste buds. There is one thing you must know that these delicious juices are not just a treat to your taste buds but can also be helpful in treating various diseases. Sounds quite strange right? It is what it is and you would be surprised to know that in the ancient times juice cures were the most common way of treating diseases and something that people relied upon more than the medicines. Juice cures can help to treat various diseases through a diet of vegetables and fruit juices. This therapy is generally referred to as the raw juice therapy or juice fasting. Along with providing cure for different conditions and diseases, this therapy helps in increasing the elimination of cleansing capacity of the organs such as kidneys, lungs, skin and liver. This therapy allows your digestive system to rest for a while as much work is not needed in order to digest these juices and to extract energy out of them.

This way not a lot of pressure is exerted on the digestive system which makes the process of nutrition absorption  quicker and better. This juice fasting therapy is considered to be one of the most effective ways of detoxifying and rejuvenating the body. Where juice fasting or juice cure therapy comes along with so many health benefits along with treating various conditions, let us take a deep dive into this article and learn about the juices to treat various health conditions.

#1. Constipation

Starting off with one of the most common digestive issues, constipation is something that has become a common issue. Constipation is a digestive issue that occurs when bowel movement becomes less frequent which in turn makes it difficult for a person to pass stool. Where constipation can be caused due to various factors such as dehydration, stress, low fiber diet, change in routine and much more. Juice fasting technique is known to help in curing this issue of constipation with the help of an apple, radish, cucumber and ginger juice. 


Apple is a fruit that consists of various compounds that help in improving digestion. Apple is rich in nutrients such as fructose, fiber and sorbitol, that are proven to be helpful in curing various digestive issues. 


Image Credits- Diabetes UK

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A vegetable that is usually a part of those exotic salads, radish is known for its high fiber content. Where constipation is a condition caused due to lack of fiber in diet, the consumption of radish helps the body to reach the adequate levels of fiber in the body. Not just constipation but this root vegetable can be helpful in curing other digestive issues as well such as irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux.


If you want to stay hydrated then cucumber is the best vegetable that you can consume. Where cucumber is a vegetable that is made up of about 96% of water content, its consumption helps in softening up the stool which makes it easier to pass and hence provides relief from constipation.


One of the healthiest spices grown on the planet, ginger is  not just an essential part of ancient Indian home remedies but is also used for cooking various dishes. When it comes down to constipation, ginger is said to be one of the most effective remedies. As this root spice consists of natural laxative properties, it helps in curing constipation by promoting bowel movement.  

#2. Cold & Flu

One of the most common problems that the changing season brings along with it is cold and flu. Where this disease/ health condition is not considered to be very severe but has the potential to disrupt your work and come in as a hindrance between your daily life activities. The symptoms of these conditions mostly include continued sneezing, fever, congestion and runny nose. Although these symptoms go away on their own but cause a lot of discomfort while they stay. A perfect remedy to cure this condition is to consume a fresh juice made out of carrots, turmeric, lemon and ginger. Here's how the consumption of this juice can benefit your health and can provide relief from cold and flu.


Image Credits- EmediHealth

A superfood rich in vitamin A which helps in strengthening the body’s immune system by rapidly creating white blood cells. As the human body tends to convert vitamin A into beta-carbonate which then signals the immune system of your body to produce more white blood cells. The increase in the production of these white blood cells not just helps in fighting the infection but are also capable of trapping and fighting germs. 


An ancient Indian root spice without which no Indian food feels complete. Turmeric is the part of almost every other Indian dish from pulses to curries and those stir fried vegetables. Due to the presence of a substance curcumin in the turmeric, it has an abundance of antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. These properties of turmeric help it in boosting up the immunity and hence to fight off cold and flu.


A rich source of vitamin C, lemon is an immunity boosting ingredient that helps in fighting off diseases such as common cold and flu. Getting an adequate amount of vitamin C in our diet can help in providing relief from cold and flu by relieving the upper respiratory tract infections. Adding in some lemon to your juice can also help in reducing the production of phlegm in the body. 


From sore throat to cold, ginger  has a long history of cuing such diseases due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is known to elevate various symptoms of cold such as providing relief from sore throat, reducing inflammation and reducing congestion in the body. Due to the presence of antiviral, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, ginger also helps in strengthening the immune system and helps in preventing these conditions in the coming future.

#3. Anemia

A condition in which a person lacks enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate amounts of oxygen to different parts of the body. Anemia is a condition caused due to low hemoglobin levels and can make you feel tired and weak all the time. The consumption of a juice made out of capsicum, carrots and green apples can help you in fighting anemia by providing adequate amounts of iron to the body and fulfilling the iron deficiency which causes low hemoglobin levels and results in anemia.

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Here’s how this juice can be used as a cure for anemia.


It might feel a bit weird to consume a juice that is made up of bell peppers or capsicum but this is something that really works. Capsicum is a rich source of iron and along with that has an abundance of vitamin C. Where the presence of iron in the vegetables helps in increasing the levels of hemoglobin in the body, vitamin C helps in the better absorption of the nutrient and hence fights anemia by rapidly increasing the production of red blood cells.


Where all of us have been told by our parents and teachers since early childhood to consume carrots in order to get a good eye sight, one thing is for sure that this root vegetable comes along with many health benefits. When it comes to anemia, carrots are rich in iron content that when combined with vitamin C helps in boosting up the hemoglobin levels of the body. Not just iron but the presence of beta carotene in this orange vegetable also makes it a must for treating anemia and increasing the hemoglobin levels.

Green Apple

We guess that when they said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” they were being quite honest with us. Green apples are known to be a rich source of iron and other essential nutrients that are required to increase the hemoglobin levels. Along with the abundance of iron, green apples are also a rich source of vitamin C which helps in the better absorption of iron and helps in rapid production of red blood cells. 

Where juicing can help you to cure various diseases and provide relief from several conditions, it is just an alternative therapy and not a replacement for the medical treatment. Supporting your treatment with these juices can help a person in recovering but that should be done after consulting the treating doctor. As your doctor is the one who knows all about your condition and your medical history, he or she can guide you the best when it comes to aidin the ongoing treatment.


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