Is It Safe To Visit IVF Centres During The Nationwide Unlocking Phase? Explains Dr Richa Jagtap

As per WHO, depression levels in patients with infertility have been compared with patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. 

Written by: Tavishi Dogra Updated at: 2020-11-02 13:09

For every couple struggling to get pregnant, many single-speciality hospitals are now providing the latest treatments with modern technology to make your dream come true. Parenthood is such an excellent phase in every couple’s life, and IVF treatments are the best ways to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to experience it. However, this pandemic phase has seen a decline in couples willing to get pregnant because of the uncertainty around the effects of COVID-19 upon an early pregnancy and their unwillingness to visit a hospital. Infertility is looked at with a social stigma in our society. However, what people fail to understand is the fact that infertility is caused due to various health conditions and circumstances, and is not an individual’s fault. 

How to fight infertility with Assisted Reproductive Technology treatments?

Battling this stereotype in the society can be difficult, and a great way to find a safe solution is by talking to a fertility expert and trying out their Assisted Reproductive Technology treatments (ART). ART has several treatment plans like traditional IVF, ICSI, egg freezing and others to assist everybody, both men and women, tackle their infertility issues. ART is a time-sensitive procedure, and the sooner performed will yield higher chances of a positive result.

How to ensure safety during the pandemic scenario?

Dr Richa Jagtap, Clinical Director & Consultant (Reproductive Medicine), Nova IVF Fertility, Mumbai shares tips to ensure safety.

  • Moreover, to ensure safety during the pandemic scenario and encourage couples to come forward for timely ART treatments, fertility hospitals have put in several stringent safety protocols in place to make sure their clients are completely safe and not exposed to any unnecessary harm. 
  • They follow safety, hygiene and sanitisation for all doctors, staff and visiting patients. They also practice social distancing in all counters. Thermal screening, frequent handwashing, usage of sanitizers before and after procedures, periodic sanitisation of the clinic and mandatory use of the Arogya Setu app are a few protocols that have been set in place. 
  • A lot of clinic visits have been cut down and converted into teleconsultants to ensure patients are safe and still well counselled, explained, handheld and all queries dealt with as would have been done in the ordinary course.
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Few precautions while going for IVF treatments

A few tips to keep in mind going in for IVF treatments during this pandemic phase are to make sure you follow all the safety protocols listed by the clinic. 

  • Single speciality clinics are safer during this period because the chances of you coming into direct contact with someone infected with COVID-19 are lesser. 
  • WHO has declared that 1 in 8 couples struggle with complications during pregnancy, so it is essential to reach out for timely help and get the right assistance. 
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  • Make sure you practice social distancing protocols when you visit the clinic. 
  • Lastly, carry a sanitizer and wash your hands frequently to avoid coming into contact with any germs.

Everything said and done, and a pandemic is never a reason for you to postpone your dreams from coming true. It is all the more reason to cherish parenthood as you enjoy this period at home with your beautiful family.

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