Getting Married? Know-Why These Medical Tests Are Vital For The Bride And Groom

Here's why every boy and girl should undergo these important medical tests before marriage.

Written by: Tavishi Dogra Updated at: 2020-08-18 18:48

Indians have the custom of matching birth charts/horoscopes before marriage. A happy future is expected by seeing the planetary positions of the boy and girl. It is seen how many gunas/qualities are matched in boy-girl's Kundli. Even if the dosha is found, then preventive measures are taken before marriage. In mythological times, people were depended only on astrology; hence the horoscope was matched. But now, due to medical science, health-related diseases can be learned through some tests. Do you know that the blood test of the husband and wife can determine the child's problems, conditions, etc.? And if these things are known beforehand, then they should also be redressed. HIV testing is not only necessary, besides there are many tests which doctors recommend to get both boy and girl before marriage. Today, we know about those essential medical tests which should be done before the wedding.

  • Investigation of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs): HIV-AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Herpes, Chancroid, hepatitis C etc. are known as STD diseases. And because of sexual relations, one can easily reach from one person to another. AIDS is fatal. So it is essential to know if your partner is already infected with it. This is information that should not be hidden so that there is no problem later.

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  • Rh factor test: You know your blood group, but it is equally important to know your partner's blood group before marriage. First of all, it shows that you and your partner can donate blood to each other if needed. And the second most striking thing is that the blood group of both is significant for the coming child. For this, the Rhesus factor test or Rh factor test is necessary. It's common for a person to have Rh +, but less Rh- occurs in people. Being Rh negative is not a disease, but if a pregnant woman is Rh-negative and father Rh positive, then it proves dangerous for the child. In such a situation, special care is required. 

  • Fertility Testing: If the marriage is delayed, then there is difficulty in conceiving. Therefore it is necessary to get the fertility test of both boy and girl. In many cases, marriage takes place on time, yet people are not able to become parents, and the reason may be the problem of either of them. Therefore, this test should be done first, so that there will be no resentment in future. However, having this test in our society is a question of many people's self-esteem. But it is better to get everything clear beforehand than the shock you get later. This test is done very quickly. An ultrasound is usually done for women, and men have to have their semen checked.

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  • Genetic test / Chronic medical conditions: You should also know the family medical history of your partner. Because many diseases go from one generation to another, be it diabetes, hypertension, heart, kidney, liver disease, breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, even baldness. Therefore, there is no harm in knowing about the health problems that occur after a few years of marriage. Because it can be defended in advance, for this, a routine blood test will not work, but a complete checkup will be done.  

  • Mental Health Screening: It is essential to know the mental health status of a person. Because in most of the arranged marriages, the boy likes or dislikes the proposal by looking at the pictures of the girl. But even seeing the image twice, the mental health of the person is not known. You cannot know whether he/she has depression, schizophrenia or any personality disorder (by looking at someone once). Nowadays, awareness among people about mental health is significant, so it is better than the psychological test should be done once before connecting the relationship. This test is called the psychometric test and takes a day or two. Psychologists do this test by asking you some questions and showing pictures.

Conclusion: So, before adding the bond of love, these things must also be taken care of. For your satisfaction, along with the horoscope, get these medical tests of the boy and girl, because the future of two people depends not only on 'gunas' but also on being healthy.

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