How To Prepare For Conception After Miscarriage? Expert Explains

Miscarriage can cause both emotional and physical trauma. Here's how you can prepare yourself for conception. Read on. 

Written by: Navya Kharbanda Updated at: 2022-04-19 13:39

Miscarriage is a mishappening that is faced by many parents in their life. This issue can be extremely stressful for both the hopeful partners. In such situations, it can be very difficult for a woman to deal with her emotions and physical health. The grief can be persistent and if left ignored, it can result in several consequences. It leads to a lot of stress and tress can leave an impact on your ability to conceive again. While some coupled may be able to overcome the stress, but can take a toll on mental health of other people. A moral and physical support from your closed ones, family and friends is required. It can also help in dealing with the physical impact of stress. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Dr. Shradha Shejekar, Consultant – Psychiatrist, Aster RV Hospital, JP Nagar, Bengaluru, to know how to prepare for conception after miscarriage. 

Ways to prepare for conception after miscarriage 

After going through a miscarriage, the mother goes through several changes and a roller coaster of emotions. It begins from grief, pain and can also lead to guilt and hopelessness. It is important to remember not to beat yourself up or blame yourself post miscarriage. Here are 7 useful ways to prepare for conception after miscarriage: 

1. Don't compare with other parents 

Do not compare yourself with other happy parents with babies. This is one of the most common struggled that a woman has to deal with in such a situations. They mostly start blaming themselves for not being able go through a normal pregnancy. Avoid comparing yourself with other parents. You can take help from an expert to understand that all parents go through a different journey before having a baby. The path is not easy for anyone and there are barriers everywhere.  

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2. Positive thoughts 

Positive thoughts can play a major role in forgetting about the upsetting experience. You should try to reinforce positive things in your mind, especially if you see yourself or your partner going down the memory lane again. Believe in thinking about the future and doing productive tasks instead. You should know that miscarriage is not the end of your pregnancy journey. An unexpected crisis occured but you can try to conceive again after talking to a doctor. Just take it as something that happened and you should seek help for support and coping up. 

3. Morning activity 

Indulging into a morning activity, especially with your partner can also be helpful in such situations. An early morning activity after waking up can be very helpful for relaxation and calming down. Do gardening and refresh yourself with flowers and plants. Doing something as soon as you wake up can give you a positive overview of things to see the day through. Read a motivational story for around 5-10 minutes, practice meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises, go for a walk. And, if you feel emotionally tired and overwhelmed, then do not hesitate in taking help from a psychiatrist. 

4. Appreciate your body 

Many women develop a chronic fear of having a baby again after going through the traumatic event of miscarriage. A helpful way to deal with this is that your body might have detected naturally that the pregnancy would not be viable in the longer run. Thus, in the initial stages, it can lead to a miscarriage. You need to keep appreciate your body to stay motivated for conception. Your body can still work through this phase of life so don't lose any hopes and appreciate your body throughout. 

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5. Consult a specialist 

You should always consult your doctor or an expert to take advice regarding the same. It can be even more difficult if you have ready experienced repeated miscarriages in the past. The specialist will help in resolving the issues or exploring other options of having a baby such as surrogacy and adoption. And, if you think you are ready for conceiving  again, talk to an obstetrician to plan your pregnancy period ok a better way as the expert will understand your health problems make a plan to have a successful pregnancy. 

6. Involve your partner 

Going through a miscarriage is not just stressful for a woman, but it can take a toll on the man's mental health as well. It is crucial to involve your partner and talk to him about your feelings. Share each and every moment and become a support pillar for each other. Your partner should know about the physical and emotional trauma you are going through. Take your partner along to any meetings with the doctors. Try to connect more by making each other feel positive about the future.  Take care of each other's diet, exercise and sleep routine. Moreover, avoid the discussion of the miscarriage experience as it can result in adding stress. Try to indulge into hobbies together to boost your mood.  

7. Enjoy the process of pregnancy 

Lastly, by staying in a fear of losing the baby, you will forget to enjoy the process of pregnancy. This natural and beautiful stage should be lived to the fullest. Hence, do not force yourself on completing deadlines to achieve anything as this will make your pregnancy journey very tiring. Rather than that, take rest and relax. However, make sure to stay aware about your body's reactions and the number of changes it is going through.


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