Clean Combs Stimulate Healthy Hair, Here Is How To Keep Combs Clean

It is very important to clean your combs frequently. This can prevent numerous hair problems at bay. Read more details inside.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2022-05-07 13:33

Comb is the most important tool for hair care. Not just because it tames your hair but also because it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp that helps in promoting hair health. Experts suggest that you comb your hair multiple times a day especially before going to bed to increase blood flow in the scalp. Now, as long as combing is important, using a clean comb is quintessential if you wish to not get any hair problem. Using a clean comb is more important than using a high quality comb as a dirty comb provides a breeding ground to bacteria that can enter your scalp and cause various problems. This is a small mistake that most people neglect and so, they do not get any positive results despite using the best haircare products. In a nutshell, cleaning and disinfecting your comb is a must. Refer to this article to know why and how to clean hair comb.

How to keep comb clean?

There are various steps to cleaning combs that you must follow.

Remove hair from comb

One of the important steps is to remove all the hair stuck in your comb. Generally, we do not pay heed to small hair stuck in the teeth of comb but in the long run, this can be highly damaging to your hair. Here is how to remove trapped hair:

  • Use a pencil and use its tip to take out stuck hair in between bristles of a comb.
  • You can also use a pin to do the same.
  • This way, all the hair will get eliminated.
  • Just be gentle while doing this to not damage the comb bristles.
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Scrub your comb

Believe it or not, scrubbing your comb is equally important as scrubbing the skin. But you are not supposed to do this with an exfoliant but a gentle hair brush or toothbrush. These have soft bristles that easily get into the corners of your comb and eliminate everything that is trapped there including small hair and dirt. 

Disinfect your comb

Third important step is to disinfect your comb. Yes, you must disinfect your comb regularly. Only washing comb is not enough but to eliminate bacteria trapped, you must disinfect your comb. For this, you can use either disinfecting liquid or vinegar.

  • Just mix some vinegar to water and dip your comb in this liquid.
  • Similarly, you can also put some disinfectant in water and dip the comb for good 15 minutes.
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Dry your comb

Now that your comb is cleaned, washed and disinfected, it is time to dry it. This is also a crucial step as drying is important to get rid of moisture that might be still there in your comb. You can use a clean towel to dry your comb or else put comb outside in the sun to dry it out naturally. You can even put the comb overnight to air dry. Use the comb only after it is completely dried. You won’t get any hair or scalp infection if you follow these steps as mentioned.

Double cleaning

Lastly, you must deep clean your comb twice a week. It includes washing the comb twice a week. You will need mild shampoo, sponge and warm water to clean the comb. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them. Now, clean the comb from both sides using a sponge. Now change the water and wash it again with clean water. Dry the comb and repeat these steps at least once a week. 

If you follow these simple steps, you can easily keep your comb clean. This would keep them disinfected and promote hair health.

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