8 Methods To Increase Body Movement Without Actually Working Out

Exercise is mandatory to maintain physical strength; here are some tips to increase movement without additional exercise.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2021-12-28 12:02

Making time for exercise from your busy schedule can be sometimes difficult; also what’s not recommended is to exercise at irregular routine. This is because exercising at irregular time intervals can be more problematic as it disturbs your digestive routine as well. However this does not mean you should give up on exercise rather put it in your regular schedule such that it helps to manage other things as well. Today we will be discussing about some points which can be beneficial for exercise without making any extra time for gym or workout. You can embed these changes by applying some lifestyle changes to your routine.

Who should have this routine?

People that are working in odd working timings such as night shifts, entrepreneur, students and working parents that do not get time out from their daily life can switch to this schedule. This may not be as efficient as working out in gym or interval training etc, but it can surely help you to maintain your health. This exercise routine marks importance of exercising by putting some physical work in the time given and with precise attitude.

How to Work out without taking out extra time?

1. Take the Stairs

It seems easy said than done, but it is a simple yet effective way to have exercise without changing your schedules. Taking stairs instead of lift or elevators can be wonderful because it increases your heart rate and helps to improve a number of body functions. Walking on stairs can be effective to improve body balance, lower extremity strength. It also rises off the edge to step on the calf strength; hence it should become a part of your routine.

2. Try to have walking meetings

By meeting, the general perception which comes to our mind is to sit in a conference room and have a serious talk on issues. But this isn’t particularly necessary, you can also discuss ideas and conduct meeting while walking. This is a more of a common exercise in some international destinations, but we also need to inculcate in our regular working schedules. This cuts down your time as well as increases your physical workout for the day. Have virtual walking conferences, discuss ideas walking and have one to one meeting. This can increase your daily physical workout.

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3. Try some fun lunges

It may not be possible for working parents to take out time for gym, but all you need is some good space sometimes. Therefore try walking lunges while you are at shopping mart, or supermarkets, this can be a good way to put exercises into play. Holding on the cart, you can try some balancing exercises and do atleast 10-20 lunges in a good span of time you have in the market. 

4. Work on exercise ball

Take your chair out and put stability ball or exercise ball instead. This could be a great method to exercise while working without putting any extra time out. This will help to improve your posture and perform some mobility exercises on the go. You can also do some slight stretches for your neck, pelvis and spine while sitting on the exercise ball. 

This can be beneficial as you spend almost 6-10 hours sitting on the same spot. Hence the pelvis and lower back pain can be eradicated by using an exercise ball. Also it can be beneficial for your stomach muscles and spinal health.

5. Park your vehicle little far

Parking your vehicle little away from your office can a good option because it can allow you to walk to the office which will enhance your physical workout. This would not even take much long but can be healthy to maintain your health. Park in a safe well lit area that is away from your office entrance and can increase your daily steps. Also try to use bicycle to go to work or regular shopping that can save time, as well as improve your health.

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6. Get a pet or adopt one

Pets are very healthy for your health in terms that they keep you out of stress and engage you in more physical work. Adopting a pet gives shelter to the animal as well as increases your physical workout. Pets need to be taken for a walk, need to be played with and constantly need your attention. Hence it can be good way to increase indulge in physical work out as well as being involved in being active and moving. 

7. Exercise while watching TV

How often do you lay in awkward positions to watch TV? This could involve getting random muscle stretches and pain in back etc. An efficient way to increase your physical strength is to try stretching during watching TV, it can become a healthy way to improve your health. Also while binge watching some series, it could prevent posture based pain and problems and lower down the risk of posture deformities

You can do some Pilate, treadmill, stretching on floor, etc. Working out in a period of time can improve your health status. 

8. Play games and sports

Playing outdoor sports is the best, but even if you are not able to play outdoor, indulges in some exercises based on physical work. Like playing hide and seek, musical chairs, jump rope, hula hope contests, etc. This can elevate your work stress and also increase your physical working. Opting for a gaming night for an hour or so can be healthy for both your mental and physical strength. Even playing video games can improve your mental strength and playing them can have a positive effect on your health according to many studies as well.

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