How to Prepare for Labour and Childbirth

How to Prepare for Labour and Childbirth? Get some tips to prepare adequately for labour and childbirth. You can not leave anything to chance in this situation!

Written by: Pratima Sharma Updated at: 2011-12-03 12:16

There isn’t any doubt about how painful and excruciatingly torturous labour and childbirth can be. However, what we need to remember is that, labour is essentially a natural process and the mind and body are fully equipped for it. It all depends on how it is being handled. Pain will be inevitable if you expect it. Therefore, as you approach your due date you need to devise ways which will ease the process for you. And to help you in this endeavour, we present tips to prepare for labour and childbirth.


Tips to Prepare for Labour and Childbirth

  • Choose your doctor with due discretion. Every woman has her preferred plans with respect to labour and childbirth. Discuss them with your doctor. Your doctor should be one you are thoroughly comfortable with. Consider engaging midwives as well if you are keen on a normal delivery. Seeking a few recommendations before hiring is advised.
  • Keep negative knowledge out. Reading stories about unsuccessful labour and associated problems will only baffle you. Read more about positive and joyful experiences instead.
  • If you have a birth plan in mind, jot it down in simple small sentences. Your caregiver or nurse could refer to it when you are at the hospital. However, make sure that the plan isn’t too strict. Such plans could often strike the wrong chord with the hospital staff.
  • Have some natural pain management techniques in place, before the labour pains start. These can be anything ranging from stress free breathing exercises, hypnosis sessions, to relaxing music. Have all the required help ready in your labour room prior to admission.
  • Do not arrive at the hospital too early. The sheer build-up of the affair can make you nervous. Reach only when your pain has become intense and contractions are appearing in less than five minutes of each other.
  • Always make sure that you are able to move around during your labour sessions. Lying down in one place is not the best way to fight the pain. Moving around, squatting or even slow dancing can help you to relieve the pain and ease childbirth. If you wish to remain in lying position, opting for epidurals is the best idea. Your doctor will administer it in correct dosages for making labour and childbirth easier.
  • Try to make use of the gravitational pull as much as possible. Remaining in a standing position for most part of your labour will definitely help.
  • Make guttural sounds to ease the pain; this will help in labour and childbirth. Screaming and shouting on the other hand, will leave an adverse impact.

These simple yet effective tips will surely help you to prepare for labour and childbirth. Consider making good use of these for a relatively painless experience.


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