Ozone Therapy Can Ease Condition of TB Patients, Says Expert

Ozone therapy is found to be beneficial in managing TB condition in patients with multiple drug resistance. Get details inside.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2021-03-29 11:30

Tuberculosis or TB is a chronic bacterial infection that can impair your lung functions. The most prominent symptom of TB is incessant coughing. Besides, this also impairs their immunity and therefore it makes patients prone to further infections like multiple drug resistance. As per tuberculosis experts, ozone therapy can prevent these complications. Read more details in this article.

Overuse of antibiotics for tuberculosis treatment is causing multiple drug resistance in patients. Doctors are noticing a rise in these incidences which is not a good sign as this can affect their existing health condition. Dr. Lalit Kumar Anande, Specialist in Drug Resistant, TB Complications & Anti-Oxidant Therapies (Ex Sewri TB Hospital) says that ozone therapy can aid their condition. This strengthens their body’s defence mechanism by boosting antioxidants in their body. Even if the patient has multiple dug resistance, this therapy can help them out by improving their weight, appetite and overall wellness.


Tuberculosis treatment and ozone therapy

Tuberculosis patients are generally given antibiotics to strengthen the immune response, however, this can lead to adverse drug reactions in them. For such patients, integrative medicines are given to control the reactions and manage their condition. As far as ozone therapy is concerned, it helps in improving overall well-being. Besides, it also helps in regaining lost weight and improving their appetite. Ozone therapy includes consumption of ozonised water and rectal insufflation. Saline helps in recovering that includes the disappearance of pus.


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“Tuberculosis causes deadly irreversible damages to the lungs. One of the common complications being Empyema (Pus in the Chest) which requires the insertion of an Intercostal tube in the chest to drain the pus out into a drainage bag. Added to this, was the dreadful drug resistant TB that the patients suffer from along with the mental depression and various adverse reactions due to loads of antibiotics taken by the patient. It is in such mentioned multiple conditions where the patient’s survival rate is at its lowest point that we realised the very fast-acting Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Anti Inflammatory properties of Ozone therapy. Usage of Ozone resulted in reducing the pus infection, its foul smell, joint aches and improved appetite and overall comfort for patients,” says Dr. Anande.

Ozone Therapy Benefits

Inflammation and reduction of oxidative stress are the two things that ozone therapy works on. Doctors see ozone therapy as a potent anti-oxidative defence treatment for tuberculosis and other chronic degenerative health conditions. It is also effective in the prevention of cold and cancer apart from TB. Ozone therapy and drinking ozonated water can boost cellular wellness and allows the patients to cure holistically. 

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Tuberculosis is a chronic condition that needs to be managed properly to ward off complications. Since TB is an infection, it can spread to other people who may or may not have the capability to fight off these infections. Take all precautions to prevent the transmission of germs to others. Taking prescribed medications and getting ozone therapy are other ways to manage this bacterial infection.

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