Pandemic Holi 2021: Follow These Pre And Post Holi Skincare And Hair Care Hacks From This Expert

Did you know that one must carefully take skincare and haircare tips in stride to limit the damage due to holi colours? Know how

Written by: Vani Malik Updated at: 2021-03-26 15:26

Given the present scenario, we all must have made our plans to celebrate Holi responsibly and carefully, just among close family & friends. Amid the gloom of the rising incidences of COVID19 cases in Mumbai, Holi colours will refresh our minds, moods and bring cheer. While it is significant to maintain all the required protocols to safeguard ourselves from the virus, we must also protect our skin and hair from allergic reactions, acne breakouts, and dry, frizzy hair. 

Following small steps can help to prevent damage to hair and skin and let you enjoy tension-free, shares Dr Smriti Naswa Singh, Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetic Dermatologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai. 


Listed below are some pre-holi hacks that one must take to ensure that the damage due to holi colours can be very less or nil:  

  • Protecting your skin on the day of celebration is not going to be enough. Certain precautions can be taken a few days in advance to obtain optimal results. 
  • Avoid bleaching/ waxing/ facial one week before and after Holi celebrations 
  • Do not forget the petroleum jelly - Make sure that you put an extra coat on the lips, behind ears, and the navel.

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  • Oil your hair and beard too - liberal quantities to be used 
  • Sunscreen should be generously applied 30mins before going out in the sun, and repeat every 3 hours if in the sun for longer hours 
  • Protect nails by applying nail polish as it may save the nails from staining. 


Are you in action playing holi? Know tips that are a must to follow while playing holi 

  • Do not forget to wear a mask 
  • Prefer dry organic colours 
  • Avoid colours like gold, and silver paints 
  • Avoid too much physical touch 
  • Wash the colours that would be adding to irritation on the skin 
  • Keep moisturizer handy - Moisturizers work best on wet skin, so wet your skin with water and apply moisturizer. Whenever you feel irritation, either apply ice or just splash some water & then put loads of moisturizer on top of it 
  • Avoid too much alcohol



Is the festive madness over? Know what is necessary to be done after playing holi for haircare and skincare protection:  

  • Keep the wet and dirty clothes separately 
  • Take a bath with warm water 
  • Use Ubtan - Ubtan like packs made of earthen clay (Multani Mitti) or a combination of Wheat flour, Curd, Haldi is a good idea to remove the colour. 
  • Use a cleansing milk with lukewarm water, especially for the face and can be used as a second wash after ubtan 
  • Sea salt, Glycerine & aroma oil is is also a good option to remove the colour 

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  • Do not scrub out the colour. Remove the Ubtan while still a bit wet, especially for age groups with acne-prone facial and truncal skin 
  • Clean scalp by using a shampoo, and to moisten the hair, preventing them from getting frizzy 
  • Post bath moisturizer for skin, and serum for hair is recommended 

With inputs from Dr Smriti Naswa Singh, Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetic Dermatologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai 

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