7 Healthy Ways To Nurture Good Sleeping Habits In Your Baby

It is essential to provide a healthy sleeping environment and build good sleeping habits in your child to ensure they rest properly.

Written by: Sushmita Sharma Updated at: 2023-01-22 17:30

Sleep plays an important role in maintaining the overall health of your body, especially in your newborn. It is necessary to cultivate good sleeping habits in your baby to help them in their growing years. Moreover, if your baby cannot sleep well, it can affect your sleep cycle too. If you follow some tips, you can ensure that your baby sleeps well. Here are some of them.

7 Healthy Sleep Habits For Your Baby You Should Follow 

Plan Meal

You should plan your baby's meals to ensure sound sleep for them. You should feed them before bedtime, so they don't wake up intermittently due to hunger. 

Schedule Their Sleeping Timing

You should have a fixed sleeping schedule for your baby to promote sleep quality. Have fixed sleeping and waking hours for them and build some night time routines like bathing, feeding, or listening to music. You should make your baby lie on the bed and not wait for them to fall asleep. 

Use A Pacifier

You can give a pacifier to your child if your baby has trouble sleeping. In addition, it can also reduce the risk of sudden unexplained infant death syndrome. 

Ensure A Good Sleeping Environment

You should ensure that a good sleeping environment has been set for your baby to promote sleep. Some babies find swaddling more relaxing, while others may find white noise to be so. 

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Safe Sleep Hygiene

It is very important to follow safe sleep hygiene habits to improve the sleep quality of your baby. You should place the infants on their backs until they turn one year or can roll on their own. You should also not let your baby sleep with a water bottle near them to improve their oral health.

Avoid Long Day Time Naps

While napping can be beneficial for your baby's health, avoid long naps before bedtime as it can disturb their sleeping schedule.

Exposure To Light

Light plays a crucial role in regulating your sleep cycle. Therefore, you should expose your baby to light in the daytime and darkness at night. Natural sunlight will keep your baby active, while darkness will signal their bed time. 

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Signs That Indicate Your Baby Is Tired

In their initial months, babies tend to sleep more and aren't awake for more than two hours. Their awake time increases gradually, and if you take more time to lay them down, it can be difficult for them to sleep. You should learn in the initial months about the signs that indicate your baby is tired. Some of them are as follows:

  • Your baby rubs their eyes or flicks their ear with their hands.
  • Your baby is crying and has no interest in people and toys.
  • Your baby yawns and stretches a lot.
  • Your baby may become quiet and still when they are tired.


If your child sleeps well, it can also help you get sound sleep. If your child has difficulty sleeping and constantly cries, you should seek help from your doctor.


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