Pay attention to these symptoms of low blood sugar

Diabetes BY Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / 2016-07-21T10:44:47+5:30

Low blood sugar can be a dangerous condition. People with diabetes often suffer low blood sugar that can spring up even when you are managing your blood pressure on regular basis with a balance diet and a workout regimen. What exactly is low blood pressure? Low blood pressure is also known as hypoglycemia and occurs when amount of blood glucose falls to a lower level and affect your body’s normal functioning. Some research studies suggest that low blood pressure is a very common thing in people suffering from type-2 diabetes or those people who take insulin. When you are suffering low blood pressure, the common problem that you face is dizziness, which can later lead to coma. So just nothing leads to severity, you must not overlook these signs and symptoms of low blood sugar. You feel hungry all the time, no matter how much you eat, you will feel empty. Sudden drop of sugar level in your blood can cause anxiety, anxiety can be triggered with low blood sugar, and you may fail to concentrate with irritability and confusion. In some cases, patient may suffer slurries in speech and instability in walking and standing and in some severe cases, the sufferer may suffer blurry vision. Now, this is not a very rare occurrence but sufferer may get sweaty at night, might have the problem of sleep walking and feelings of unrest. Seizure and shakes are another very common amongst low blood sugar patients. Excessive sweating are amongst the first signs of low blood sugar, you may just sweat regardless of the external temperature. Becoming lightheaded, dizziness and emotional outbursts, mood swings, crying and anger are some of the most misread signs of low blood sugar as there are many other ailments that have similar signs and symptoms.

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