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World Alzheimer’s Day 2021: 7 Facts About Alzheimer’s You Should Know

Alzheimer’s is a severe mental health disease which needs immediate attention. Read these 7 facts about Alzheimer’s you should know about.

Mind Body BY Puru Bansal / 2021-09-17T14:16:43+5:30

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer?s is a brain disorder in which the brain cells are unable to do their function properly and become dead. According to Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist at Healthcare Clinic, Lucknow, Alzheimer's disease leads to decline in mental health in most of the conditions people tends to have memory loss that keeps on increasing with time. It can also affect how a person thinks or behaves. The symptoms of this disease get worse along with time as there is not cure to this problem. In the final stages of Alzheimer?s, a person may become extremely anxious or aggressive in behaviour and approach towards things.

Greater Risk For Women

According to Department of Health and Human Services, women are affected twice as much as men are affected with Alzheimer’s. This disease in women generally starts over 50 years which is comparatively earlier than condition of men. Women also have more brain shrinkage in diseases related to alzheimer’s.

Heart Disease May Cause Alzheimer’s

Your heart and head are quite closely related and perform their function simultaneously. Both heart and brain are equally important for our body to function well and be active. If you are having a heart disease, then it also affects your brain and it increases your chances of having AD. This can also go along condition related to heart such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

Leading Cause of Deaths

Some people tend to mental health issues very lightly. Alzheimer’s disease is also a part of mental health problems but it should be taken lightly. This is because Alzheimer’s are a leading cause of death in older adults. Most of these people are not diagnosed for mental health disorder properly and end up losing their lives.  Alzheimer’s does not even have any treatment as such that can cure this condition which increases vulnerability.

Loss of Smell

A lot of people do not know or observe that in most of the Alzheimer?s condition, people loose sense of smell or it becomes very low. According to expert, most problems like dementia have early symptoms including loss of smell. This means that brain cells are degenerating and there is a greater risk of brain injury.

Three Categories of Alzheimer’s

There are actually three categories in which alzheimer’s can be categorised depending on its degree of severity. The categories are early, middle and late which also determine the stage of person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. People go through all stages or categories starting from early and there are greater chances of healing in this condition. As it goes worse, reducing symptoms of Alzheimer’s becomes more difficult.

Cause of It Is Unknown

There have been many studies on Alzheimer’s and are still going on. But still there is no specific cause of this mental health disease that has been determined yet. The cause of Alzheimer’s and risk it posses is still unknown but there are many theories and studies regarding AD. Research is still going on to find the definite cause of Alzheimer’s in people.

No Cure for Alzheimer’s

There is no treatment and cure that can make a person suffering from Alzheimer’s healthy again. The only remedies and treatments available are in the form of therapies, diet and exercises which helps to lower down the symptoms of AD. This helps to lower the progression of Alzheimer’s to a level that the last stage comes at a very old age. Medications available also improve the condition of neurotransmitters at the most.

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