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Why stretching your body is so important

Mind Body BY Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / 2014-02-18T14:44:48+5:30


Everyone knows that regular exercise is very important for a healthy and fit body. However we always underestimate the importance of stretching. It is very important to stretch your body especially before exercise.

Helps Muscles

Stretching is a must-to-do thing if you tend to relax your muscles. It helps in decreasing the muscle tension which is the most common cause of back and neck pains and headaches. Stretch often to avoid such common muscle related problems.

Avoids Injuries

Stretching can save your day and help you avoid minor injuries and sprains. Everytime you stretch you decrease the risk of all types of injuries, from joint sprains to tendonitis to muscle strains and spasms.

Speedy Recovery

Doctors often recommend stretching post injury. Stretching can be very helpful during the recovery phase after an injury. It speeds up the recovery rate from injuries. However don't stretch a muscle that is experiencing inflammation or a fresh injury.

Relieves Tiredness

Another wonderful reason why you should often stretch is that it can provide you quick relief after a long day. Stretching can help you feel active even during your office hours. Manage to get time for quick stretching sessions during the day.


Hectic schedule taking a toll on your physical and mental health? Try including stretching session in your daily routine. Stretching increases physical and mental relaxation which can be very good for your mood and overall health.

Improves Performance

Stretching supports movement of body parts. It is always recommended to stretch before every sport or exercise that involves specific movement. Stretching improves performance in sports that require skilled movements.

Makes you Active

Stretching supports overall body movements that can keep you active throughout the day. It is as important as any exercise regime. Always stretch whenever your feel lazy or less active. It will help you get back active.

Better Personality

Stretching gives you better personality as it allows better body movement and slow down the aging process. You body looks fit and flexible just like when you were younger. It also improves body awareness.

Improves Circulation

When you stretch the body parts, the blood circulation increases in those parts. Improved blood circulation is good for your health. Include stretching in your daily life to get all these benefits.

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