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The Perfect Lip Colour For Your Zodiac Sign

Your personality is carved according to your zodiac and wouldn’t it be amazing if you could know what lip colour would suit you best according to your charisma? Here is the list of perfect lip colour for your zodiac sign.

Fashion & Beauty BY Navya Kharbanda / 2015-05-30T16:18:27+5:30

Lip-smacking zodiacs

Your zodiac sign determines your personality and what can be better than wearing the perfect lip colour that matches your charisma. Whether you’re a strong-headed Leo or a fun-loving Gemini, we have just the perfect lip colours to go with your sun sign! Scroll down to find the perfect lip colour for your star sign. Image Source: Fashioncentral.pk   

Aries – Oozing Orange

High-spirited and ambitious, an Aries woman cannot be pulled down or stopped from achieving what she’s set your heart on. Given your energetic and vivacious nature, we would say a lip colour just as vibrant as your personality is in order—orange! Image Source: Amazonaws.com    

Taurus – Perky Pink

A Taurus woman is dependable and faithful, not necessarily excited about change. You are set apart by your patience and quite strength. Slightly reserved, otherwise loving a fun time out with friends and family, pretty pink is just right for your loyal and constant personality. Image Source: Stuff.co.nz    

Gemini – Hoot-hoot Hot Red

Always on the lookout for new experiences, a Gemini girl has a lot of friends. Having an adaptive and intelligent personality, you easily fit-in wherever you go. Your ruling planet is mercury and so, red-hot is just what you need! Image Source: Rescu.com.au    

Cancer – Lovely Lavender

Nurturing and patient nature makes Cancer girls stand apart from the rest. You display a tough exterior, but are a ball of mush inside. And so, a super-subtle pink lip colour, with a hint of lavender is absolutely perfect for your personality.    

Leo – Candilicious

Leo females are affectionate and cheerful; they make a great friend and companion. If you were born between 23rd July and 23rd August, you are a hard-working, generous woman. Leo, your enthusiastic nature demands an equally fun and energetic lip colour to go with it! Go with this stand-out shade of pink we say—candilicious! Image Source: Instaglam.in    

Virgo – Peach Perfect

You have a largely practical and analytical approach to life. You like things to be in order and are quite the perfectionist. Your poised yet charming personality rarely ever fails to woo all those around you! While you like things to be in order, you sure do know how to let your hair down. This blend of a fun peach yet subtle nude colour is what would be perfect for you Virgo! Image Source: Jolieasie.files.wordpress.com    

Libra – Pop of Pink

Extremely communicative and easy to get along with, Librans are considerate towards everyone and look for balance and harmony around them. Your earthy charm and easygoing personality demand a shade that is equally hard not to love! The beautiful pop of pink is definitely our pick for you!    

Scorpio – Maroon Mystery

Scorpio women are energetic, motivated and imaginative. They're hard to miss. Endurance, patience and stamina are strong personality traits. Your kindness never goes unnoticed. This dynamic personality needs as versatile the colour- molten maroon.      

Sagittarius – Purple Presence

You are charming, free-spirited and exetrmely likeable. Living in the moment is your strong point. Your straight and honest nature needs a perfect lip colour which is vibrant and out-of-the box. Purple it is for you. Image Source: Vanitynoapologies.com  

Capricorn – Plumming It

Ambitious and driven by desire, Capricorn women have a practical side too. Your sensitivity causes you to wear your heart on your sleeve and no other colour but plum lipcolour could define your passionate personality beutifully. Image Source: Styleblog.g3fashions.in    

Aquarius – Softly Pink

Aquarius women are loyal, kind and easygoing; they never follow the crown. Having a mind of their own and driven to follow their dreams, a soft, gorgeous baby pink is the perfect colour for their original personality. Image Source: Pinkbeforeuleap.com

Pisces – Rosy Glow

An extremely high emotional quotient sets Pisces personality easily identifiable. They are full of compassion too. The precisely accurate shade for your puckers would be a rosy shade. It resounds your creative, intensely imaginative and fair-minded personality. Image Source: Tipsandbeauty.com

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