Painful Post Workout Muscles? Try These 8 Natural Ways For Relief

Muscle soreness and pain is a common problem post workout. Here are some natural ways that can provide relief.

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Natural ways to ease post workout muscles

A heavy workout at the gym can often lead to pain and muscle soreness.  Muscle soreness can make your movement and day to day tasks extremely difficult. Pain in the muscle is a common problem post exercise or any rigorous sports activity, but if your muscle is sore every day, then it can be a matter of worry. Read further to know about natural ways to ease post workout muscles. 

Cherry juice

Cherry juice is loaded with antioxidants that can also play a major role in reducing muscle soreness. According to a study published in a British Journal of Sports Medicine, cherry juice is useful to get relief from soreness and pain. And, you can also add cherries in your smoothie after heavy exercise as a post workout meal. Cherry juice can keep you hydrated, thus preventing muscle cramps. 


Even if your muscles are sore, massage  is an effective way for providing relief. According to a study in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation, it was found that a simple massage can reduce ones's pain intensity. Massage makes your muscles and body feel relaxed, thus improving circulation of tissues and reducing inflammation. Moreover, there are several easy ways to learn and practice self-massage.


Sitting and just relaxing after a heavy workout can have a negative impact on your muscles. If you are experiencing soreness after exercising, resting might not be the best option for relief. Instead, you can soothe the stiffness and soreness by getting up and moving around or doing some stretching. As per research, activeness and movement is helpful in relieving the stress, tension, pain and stiffness. 

Heat compression

Applying simple heat to the affected area can also help in reducing swelling, boost healing blood flow, and relax the muscles. This is an effective natural way to treat muscle pain. In fact, it is simple, quick, and easy. To heal muscle soreness or tightness, try a warm shower or bath. It is suggested to start the heat therapy right after your workout. You can use a hot water bag of even take a hot water bath for a few minutes. 

Cold compression

Cold compression is a beneficial natural way to treat sore muscles post workout. It can help in relaxing the nerves and pain in your body. Just like heat compression, cold compression is also an effective way to relieve muscle pain or swelling. You can place an ice pack directly on the affected area for a few minutes. There are studies that can prove the same. 


Caffeine is not only good for boosting energy and strength, but it can also be beneficial in relieving muscle soreness and pain. Drinking beverages such as coffee and tea post an intense workout can be an effective natural way. In fact, if you have a small cup of black coffee before hitting the gym, it will help in having an amazing workout hour. It is advised to take moderate doses of caffeine everyday. 

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is a good source of magnesium sulfate and is a natural remedy to open up sore muscles. The magnesium content absorbs the fluid out of the tissue which causes pain in the muscles. Half cup of epsom salt can be mixed with a tub of warm water and it can do wonders for your painful and swollen muscles. You can soak the aching muscles in that water until it cools down. You can do this thrice in a week for pain relief.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar or ACV is also beneficial to treat post workout sore muscles. You can add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and consume it or can apply it directly over the affected area. It contains anti-inflammatory and alkalising properties that help in easing muscle pain and inflammation. Apple cider vinegar has several health benefits, include muscle pain relief. 

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