9 Natural Remedies To Stop Vomiting Quickly At Home

Vomitting or emesis can be discomforting for everyone. Check out these natural remedies for instant relief at home.

Home Remedies BY Navya Kharbanda / 2021-12-16T12:42:36+5:30

Home remedies to stop vomitting

Vomitting, medically called emesis is not a great feeling and can make you very uncomfortable. It mostly happens due to a reflex reaction when our body has to let out anything unwanted or infected. And not just discomforting, vomitting can also lead to dehydration and changes in the amount of electrolytes in the body. This problem can be a concerning symptom if occuring in children and the elderly. Read further to know about effective home remedies to stop vomitting quickly at home. 

Green cardamom

Green cardamom can be used to treat nausea and stop vomitting quickly at home. It is an effective home remedy that works on both children and adults. To use cardamom as a natural remedy for vomitting, you can chew a piece of cardamom if you feel nauseated or take it with honey for better taste. You can mix cardamom powder with half teaspoon honey and eat it to prevent and treat vomitting. 

Mint leaves

Mint leaves have a numbing and calming effect on the stomach muscles that can help in eliminating nausea, thus a natural treatment for vomitting. The relaxed muscles help in bile breaking down of fats easily. To use mint leaves as a home remedy to stop vomitting at home, you can try making mint tea. To get relief, put mint leaves in boiling water and strain the leaves to have a hot cup of tea. 


Another home remedy to treat nausea and vomitting is ginger. This kitchen ingredient is beneficial for your digestive system. It basically helps in stopping unnecessary bile secretion in the stomach that can lead to vomiting. Therefore, if you are experiencing nausea or any other pre-signs of vomiting, just make a cup of ginger tea at home along with a little sugar in it.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains beneficial compounds that can provide relief from vomiting. You can make a glass of water with a teaspoon of lemon juice, a little bit of sugar and a pinch of baking soda. Make a mixture of all these ingredients and drink it. This will provide quick relief from vomiting. Lemon juice is used as an amazing home remedy for morning sickness and symptoms of nausea. 

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are found in almost every Indian household. This is an age old home remedy to stop vomitting naturally. Saunf or fennel seeds help in refreshing the flavour of your mouth. You can make a masala tea by adding these seeds to your cup of tea, or chew them directly. Fennel seeds can be consumed as mouth fresheners as well but do not overeat to avoid potential  side effects.  


Cloves can be used as en effective home remedy to both treat and prevent vomiting. They contain a compound called eugenol which has antibacterial properties present in it. You can make clove tea at home easily. Steep one teaspoon of cloves for ten minutes, and strain before drinking. In fact, cloves come handy if you are travelling and feel any motion sickness. 

Rice water

Rice water can play a major role in treating vomiting if the cause behind the same is gastritis. To use rice water as a home remedy, you can boil a cup of white rice in around two cups of water. Then, strain and drink a small glass of rice water. Rice water helps with the digestion process and is considered good for your stomach. 


Nausea and vomiting relief can be provided through aniseeds as well. Aniseed is basically a natural treatment for indigestion. Aniseed, also called anise seed is a traditional home remedy for vomitting. It contains medicinal properties that can provide instant relief from vomiting. You can chew roasted aniseeds if suffering from nausea. 

Salt sugar water

Another home remedy to prevent and cure vomiting is having salt and sugar water. One of the major causes of vomiting is an imbalance of salts in our body. Take a a glass of water and add some sugar and salt in it. Stir properly and drink it. This drink will make your body hydrated and energetic immediately. Some people also try deep breathing for quick relief from vomitting at home. 

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