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Having Throbbing Headache? Try These 9 Home Remedies To Treat It

Throbbing headache is the newest symptom of Covid-19. Check out these effective home remedies to get rid of it.

Home Remedies BY Navya Kharbanda / 2021-09-07T17:08:41+5:30

Home remedies for throbbing headache

Headaches are taken lightly as it is an extremely common problem that a lot of people experience on a daily basis. The severity is different in everyone and ranges from mild to unbearable. A single headache episode can hamper your day to day tasks. There are many kinds of headaches, in which tension headaches are the most common. There are several medications that can alleviate headache symptoms but one can go for natural treatments as well. Read further to know about some home remedies to treat throbbing headache.

Ice pack

Both cold and hot compression works when dealing with throbbing headache. You can use an ice pack or frozen peas bag to place it on your forehead or neck. This will repair the blood vessels and reduce inflammation too. According to a study, keeping an ice pack on your neck for around 30 minutes can be an effective home remedy to treat headaches.

Drink plenty of water

As per studies, too much dehydration is one of the most common causes of tension, migraines and headaches. It is important to drink plenty of water to get rid of headaches. If you are getting a throbbing headache, drinking water can help in resolving it within 20-30 minutes. Dehydration can worsen the severity of your symptoms. To avoid dehydration causing headaches, drink good amounts of water throughout the day.

Take caffeine

You can try including tea, coffee or something which contains a little amount of caffeine. Caffeine helps to calm down headache, as well as provides warmth and relaxation to the body. It also enhances the effects of pain killers like acetaminophen and helps in providing longer relief. You should remember not to drink too much caffeine because it can be addictive itself.


Ginger also helps in pain relief as it has anti inflammatory properties and it can also improve the effect of ongoing medicines. You can use ginger in your curries, eat them raw or brew them. Ginger can be very helpful when headache happens due to blockage in nasal cavity like cold or sinus.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil helps in opening up the blocked blood vessels that can be a factor behind headaches. In fact, it has methanol oil present in it, which can enhance the blood flow of the body. Take two to three drops of peppermint oil and mix it with almond oil. Then, gently apply or massage this solution on the temples or your neck. You can also used crushed peppermint leaves in such cases.

Herbal tea

There are many types of herbal tea available in the market that can treat headaches, for example ginger, lavender, chamomile and peppermint tea. It can even help in alleviating the symptoms of migraine. It is an affordable and easy home remedy for throbbing headaches. Drinking a cup of herbal tea can also help in fulfilling your body's water requirements, hence preventing dehydration.


Along with dehydration, sleep deprivation is also one of the major causes of headaches. You need to take a good amount of sleep and night and nap during the day as well. And, if you are suffering from a throbbing headache, sleeping can prove to be effective and provide relief. Less or no sleep can easily trigger headaches. One should take a deep sleep for atleast 7-9 hours in a day.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing, meditation and many other relaxation techniques can also be effective in relieving throbbing headache. Stress and anxiety induced throbbing headache can be managed by taking deep breaths and meditating. You can also practice some other methods like deep-belly breathing meditation under  for reducing the pain caused by headaches.


Cinnamon is one of the best home remedies to treat headaches. To use cinnamon as a home remedy, you have to grind the sticks and convert them into powder form. Then, mix some water into it and create a thick paste. It is important to apply this mixture on the temples and forehead for around 30 minutes to get rid of throbbing headache. Lastly, wash it off with lukewarm water.

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