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10 Home Remedies To Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that can worsen over time. It cannot be cured completely but can be controlled with these home remedies.

Home Remedies BY Chanchal Sengar / 2021-08-17T13:37:22+5:30

Soothing Bath

The most easy and effective remedy to ease itching and pain caused by psoriasis is to take a soothing bath. You can use epsom salt, oatmeal, mineral oils, essential oils, etc. to add to your bathwater. Soaking the affected area in this water can provide big relief. Also, don’t forget to moisturise the skin after bathing.

Aloe vera gel

One of the natural things that you can apply on your skin to treat all kinds of skin diseases is aloe vera gel. Applying fresh gel on the affected area can reduce irritation and redness. You can also use packaged gel or aloe vera-based creams for relief. This would control the symptoms and prevent the condition from worsening.


There are several herbs that are found to be effective in healing skin and turmeric is one of them. It has got curcumin which is a potent compound that is found to relieve many skin conditions including psoriasis. You must add it to your diet and also apply turmeric and sandalwood powder paste to the affected area.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is great for skin. You can dilute tea tree oil in a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil and apply it on the affected part. Besides using skincare products that have tea tree oil as its main ingredient can also bring many benefits.

Dietary supplements

Apart from topical applications and remedies, you are also supposed to work on your inner health to deal with psoriasis. Consuming dietary supplements that are rich in vitamin D and omega-3 are found to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. Consult a doctor before taking any of these to see if you are not allergic to them.

Prevent dry skin

Keeping the skin dry is a risk factor for psoriasis. If you have it, you must keep your skin moist no matter what. Use a good and hydrating moisturiser often. Also, drink water to keep the skin hydrated from inside. Keeping a humidifier in indoor spaces would also soothe your skin.

Reduce stress

Apart from the aforesaid remedies, reducing stress is also imperative in controlling psoriasis. If you take stress, the symptoms may worsen and it may become difficult to treat it over time. Thus, manage stress by doing meditation, yoga, engaging in calming activities, etc. Consider this as a part of your daily routine.

Avoid alcohol

Consuming alcohol is very bad for your overall health including psoriasis skin condition. It can trigger psoriasis and make it chronic. In order to treat psoriasis, you must totally restrict alcohol consumption. You would see your skin healing and getting better thereafter. Thus, stay away from all kinds of foods containing alcohol.

Eat healthfully

Diet plays a pivotal role in your health. Managing diseases becomes easier if you take care of what you eat. To manage psoriasis, cut down carbohydrates, sugar, saturated fats and red meat can help. Consuming more of omega-3 fatty acids can aid psoriasis as these reduce inflammation. Drink detox drinks to keep the body healthy.

Avoid fragrances

Smelling good is a nice habit but try to avoid unnecessary fragrances as this can worsen your psoriasis skin condition. Anything that has artificial fragrances and chemicals can trigger psoriasis and cause burning, redness and irritation. Thus, avoid fragrances to allow the skin heal completely. All Images Credits- freepik

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