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Lower Creatinine Levels To Boost Kidney Health, Try These 8 Home Remedies

High creatinine levels are not good for the kidney. Check out these home remedies to lower these levels.

Home Remedies BY Navya Kharbanda / 2021-08-19T16:07:11+5:30

Home remedies to lower creatinine levels

Creatinine is basically a natural waste product that is produced by the muscles. The kidneys remove it from the body, and it is present in the blood and urine. Creatinine can get collected in the blood if a person has a kidney issue, but it can be caused by high intake of protein, heavy exercise, and the usage of certain medicines or supplements. Read further to know about some effective home remedies to lower creatinine levels.

Reduce protein intake

As per research, it has been proved that eating too much protein can increase creatinine levels, even if it is for short time period. For example, cooked red meat can affect creatinine levels. The heat from cooking makes the creatine present in the meat to produce more creatinine. Therefore, it is important to cut down protein rich foods from your diet to lower creatinine levels in the body.

Avoid smoking

Another home remedy to lower creatinine levels in avoiding smoking. Smoking cigarettes can be harmful for the body in numerous ways and it can also increase  the risk of chronic kidney disease. Quitting smoking can be a good natural way to reduce the risk of kidney problems that can increase creatinine levels. Cigarette smoking is injurious for your overall health and can hamper creatinine levels as well.

High fibre foods

As per researches, a high fiber diet can help in lowering your creatinine levels. Studies have proved that major reductions can be made in creatinine levels in patients with chronic kidney disease, if they add fiber rich foods in their diet. Thus, one needs to consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes everyday. These foods are good sources of dietary fibre and can reduce creatinine levels.

Don't do heavy exercises

Experts suggest to avoid doing heavy exercises if your creatinine levels are already high. If you engage in heavy physical activity, then it can lead to an increase in creatinine levels. This happens because muscle metabolism produces creatinine and working up your muscle too much can result in high creatinine levels.  Levels can spike due to an increase in muscle breakdown. If you are already suffering from this problem, it is best to talk to your doctor about how much you should exercise.

Drink plenty of water

Creatinine levels can increase if a person is dehydrated. Common symptoms of a dehydrated body are thirst, dizziness, and fatigue. Severe dehydration can put  cardiovascular and other systems in stress, which can even probe to be fatal. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is the best way to prevent and treat dehydration. Staying hydrated can effectively help in lowering creatinine levels.

Limit alcohol intake

Limiting alcohol intake is also another home remedy to lower creatinine levels. It is important to consume alcohol in moderation for good kidney health. As per a few studies, it was shown that less alcohol consumption can help in reducing the risk of chronic kidney disease. Drinking too much alcohol can increase blood pressure and creatinine levels.

Less salt in diet

A high salt diet can lead to high blood pressure, thus high creatinine levels. Processed foods and other high sodium and phosphorus foods can have an impact on creatinine levels. According to studies, they can cause renal issues. Therefore, one should focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods, and using less spices and herbs to flavor your food, to take less salt in diet.

Avoid certain supplements

There are certain supplements that can increase creatinine levels. Avoiding these supplements can help in lowering these levels. Many bodybuilders take supplements that have creatine to build muscle mass. The muscles use creatine for energy, but if the muscles do not use it, the body converts it into creatinine. This can lead to high creatinine levels that might be diagnosed for kidney disease. Hence, it is important to avoid supplements that have high creatinine levels.

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