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Do You Have A Swollen Uvula? Try These 9 Effective Home Remedies To Manage Uvulitis

The condition of swollen and painful uvula is called uvulitis. Here are some effective home remedies to manage the symptoms.

Home Remedies BY Navya Kharbanda / 2021-09-16T17:52:20+5:30

Home remedies for swollen uvula

The condition of swollen uvula is called uvulitis. Swollen uvula indicates about an infection in the body. It can cause pain and discomfort in your throat. It also causes difficulty in swallowing food. It usually subsides with time but it can be a serious issue if the swelling starts to choke the patient. Read this article further to know about some effective home remedies to treat swollen uvula. 


Ginger is very popular since ages to get some relief from pain and inflammation in our body. It possesses excellent medicinal properties that help to relieve cold which can be a major reason of swelling in uvula. Ginger juice is very helpful for fighting the bacterial infections, hence it can also calm down the infection in your throat. You can get relief by simply chewing a ginger slice or infuse some ginger in your tea. 


Honey can be an amazing option to treat swollen uvula. It has a very soothing effect on throat, it is beneficial to soothe bacterial infection and inflammation. Swollen uvula causes difficulty in swallowing. Drinking honey with warm water or tea will not only calm down the swelling but it will also help your body replenish nutrients which helps in improving immune system. 


You can reach for lemons and other citrus fruits because they are rich in vitamin C as well as antioxidants which decrease inflammation in the body. You can use lemons in your tea or warm water as it has a therapeutic smell which also gives you relied from cold. Lemons help to improve immunity and saving you from many other diseases. 


Garlic is a superfood when it comes to throat and nasal problems. It contains an active component called allicin which is rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and is known as the main ingredient for treating swollen uvula and can treat your condition quickly. You can chew 2-3 peeled garlic cloves in the morning when you wake up or include a good amount of garlic in your meals to gain its benefits.


Turmeric is one of the most common kitchen ingredients that is full of antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that make it a special home remedy to treat infection in the body. You can use a pinch of it in your glass of milk. The ingredient curcumin that is present in turmeric is very beneficial for swelling in uvula. You can mix turmeric powder in your gargles too.


Tulsi is being used for treating various diseases since ages. Its use is associated with a healthier mind as well as body. It is used to treat many respiratory problems like cough and various allergies like swelling of uvula, tonsils etc. Tulsi has several such properties that promote overall well being and health of a person. It can be used in tea or you can simply eat a few leaves of tulsi. Tulsi extract has a very calming effect on the body. 

Wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juice is very nutritive. It can help your body to replenish itself. It helps remove the harmful toxins from the body. It aids the lymphatic system in our body and strengthens our immune system so that we can fight against infections. Wheatgrass juice is readily available in the market. You can include it in your diet as it is also generally considered beneficial for your health. 

Warm saltwater gargles

Warm saltwater gargles is an age old home remedy to treat throat related problems, including uvula. The warm water and beneficial properties of salt will help in reducing the uvula swelling and in getting rid of other symptoms such as pain and itchy throat. And, it is suggested to follow this natural remedy atleast thrice a day until the symptoms start getting better. Warm saltwater gargles is one of the most easy and affordable home remedies.  

Essential oils

Essential oils including thyme, cinnamon and clove can be used for aromatherapy. The antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties present in essential oils can help in relieving the symptoms of throat infection. Both these qualities help in reducing the swelling of the uvula and treating the cause of this infection. You can put one of the useful essential oils in a diffuser and inhale to treat this condition. 

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