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Try These 8 Useful Home Remedies For Cold Feet

Cold feet and palms is a common problem. Check out these useful home remedies to treat it.

Home Remedies BY Navya Kharbanda / 2021-08-26T12:26:11+5:30

Home remedies for cold feet

Your feet and hands can get colder due to less oxygen and blood supply in our palms and feet, which can be caused by poor circulation. At times, feeling very cold can also be an indication of several health issues such as anaemia, restless leg syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, nerve damage, hypothyroidism and hypothermia. If your feet always feel colder than others and they are not getting warm despite wearing layers, you should see a doctor. Keep reading to know about useful home remedies to treat cold feet.

Heating pads

Using a heating pad or hot water bottle to warm up your feet is one of the best home remedies for cold feet. This will keep the part around your feet warm and help you get better sleep everyday. It is also suggested to wear warm socks and shoes as it can make your cold feet warm instantly. This is the simplest natural way to stay warm and prevent heat loss.


One of the most common causes of cold feet is poor blood and oxygen circulation. Therefore, exercise can play a major role in making them warm. If nothing else, you can improve blood flow to your feet by walking in a moderate speed and keep them warm. It is important for you to find a way to keep your body physically active to prevent and treat this problem.

Warm foot bath

Soak your feet in warm water to get instant relief from cold feet by improving blood circulation to the legs. Try this home remedy just before bed to ease muscle tension and relax them. You can use epsom salt for this purpose. This home remedy is not suggested to patients suffering from diabetic nerve damage as they won't be able to feel too hot water which can result in accidental burns.

Iron rich foods

Iron deficiency is one of the main causes behind anaemia, which can lead to cold hands and feet. Therefore, it is important to consume an iron rich diet. One can combat anaemia by including iron-rich foods such as dates, spinach, soybean, apples, dried apricots, olives and beetroots in your daily diet. This will help in getting rid of the problem of cold feet.

Massage with warm oil

Massaging is one of the best home remedies to treat such problems. It is a simple natural therapeutic way to bring back the warmth in your feet. It is advised to use warm essential oils for this massage therapy for more effectiveness. Rubbing the feet and hands gently can help in restoring the blood flow, hence improving the supply of oxygen too.

Avoid smoking

Tobacco leads to damage in your blood vessels in the entire the body, which can also radiate to your fingers and toes. If you smoke frequently, it will eventually damage the blood vessels in your heart, making it difficult for your heart to pump blood through your body. This can have a huge impact on your feet as well, making it cold. You can talk to your doctor about tips to quit smoking.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne peppers have good amounts of salicylates present in them, thus it can act as a beneficial anti coagulant. Cayenne pepper is very hot and spicy and it can burn your mouth if taken too much. But, you can still make it a part of your meals. Add only around half a teaspoon of crushed cayenne pepper in your socks and wear them. It will also improve your blood circulation in the body and contribute towards keeping your feet warm.

Vitamin B foods

Vitamin B-12 deficiency is a common nutritional deficiency that can cause many numerological symptoms including cold feet and hands. The natural food sources of Vitamin B are meat and dairy products which can help in maintaining healthy red blood cells. You can easily include these foods in your daily diet to treat the problem of cold feet.

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