10 Reasons Why You Should Get Indoor Plants for Good Health

Indoor plants are not only beautiful to look at, they help with stress, improve concentration and boost mood.     

Written by: Shubhangi Shah Updated at: 2021-08-23 18:03

Who doesn’t love plants? And now that we are spending more time indoors than usual, we know how important it is to make it cozy, soothing and refreshing. And one thing that can help you is house plants. Not only is gardening a good hobby, having indoor plants can help you with stress, anxiety and can boost productivity. Here is how having plants at home or at office helps your health and well-being.

Reduce toxins

Phytoremediation refers to the use of plants and soil microbes to reduce contaminants in the environment. In a study conducted by NASA in the 1980s, it found that the roots and soil of houseplants reduce the concentration of airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) significantly. VOCs are released by items such as carpets, paints and house cleaners and plants such as English ivy or asparagus fern can help reduce them.

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Decreases carbon dioxide

This is a no-brainer that plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This is how they make food. Hence, you can save yourself from the harmful effects of this gas by filling your home with indoor plants.

Reduces stress

Who isn’t overburdened by the expectations vs reality conundrum or the various challenges that life throws at us? Nature has a solution for you. A study showed that having indoor plants helps you with stress and makes you more relaxed. For that researchers divided a group of men into two groups. One was told to repot houseplants and the other was given a simple computer task. Blood pressure and heart rate were recorded to know their stress level. Results showed that those in the first group were more relaxed while the blood pressure and heart rate of those in the second rose in the second.

Boosts mood

Stress and good mood are foes. As plants help reduce stress, they boost mood. And what better than having plants with flowers. They’ll boost your mood right away.


Having indoor plants is therapeutic in a way. Horticulture therapy is often recommended for those with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc. 

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May boost productivity

Who knew that that spider plant would be a better productivity booster than that cuppa coffee. Studies have shown that having plants can boost your productivity. Just imagine, looking out of the window, what would you prefer to look at- a concrete jungle or a calming park? You decide.

Sharpens focus

Who would have thought having a snake plant would help you ace your exam? In a study, students were put in classrooms with real plants, fake ones, one with a plant's picture and no plant at all. Brain scans showed that students in the classroom with plants were more attentive and had better concentration than others.


This one is specifically for winters. You know how your skin itches during winters and you are more prone to catching a cold. House plants can help you here as well. Spider plants can help increase humidity that in turn will help you from issues related to dryness.

Medicinal plants

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In India, with the centuries-old Ayurveda system, we know the benefits of medicinal plants. Plant mints that will help you with digestion-related ailments, or basil for its many benefits, from digestion to cough and cold. Or you can plant aloe vera and help yourself when suffering from those skin-related ailments.

Better healing

When visiting a sick family member, friend or acquaintance, what would you prefer to give him/her? Some flowers or a plant might be the answer. Not only do they help with stress-associated with illnesses, but a study has also shown that those with plants around showed quicker recovery after surgery. Also, they were able to tolerate pain better, hence needed fewer medications.

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Now that you know the amazing benefits of indoor plants, it is better to know certain things before you hop on to buy them. Some plants are toxic and can harm kids and pets. Hence, do your research before buying them. Also certain flowers can cause allergies, hence it is better to be cautious. Once you’ve got these things right, get a house plant for your next self care retreat. It’s a wonderful gift too!!!

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