Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Triphala, As Per Expert

Triphala can prevent various health conditions such as constipation, cholesterol levels, infections, stress, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Written by: Sushmita Sharma Updated at: 2023-03-20 08:30

Triphala is an effective Ayurvedic remedy that combines three herbs: amla, haritaki, and bibhitaki. It has a plethora of benefits as all three herbs have individual nutrients that cater to a wide range of conditions. It can be used to prevent various health conditions such as constipation, cholesterol levels, infections, stress, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. It is available in multiple forms, such as powder, tablet, juice, or extract. Here’s what our expert Dr Nidhi Dagar, Chaudhary Braham Praksha Ayurvedic Charak Sansthan, has to say about the amazing benefits and side effects of triphala. 

Health Benefits Of Triphala

Helps Reduce Inflammation

Triphala is a powerful antioxidant that can help fight damage caused due to free radicals in your body and reduce inflammation. It can be used to reduce inflammation caused due to arthritis in your body. 

Aids In Digestion

Triphala is beneficial for improving your digestion and promoting ease of bowel movements. It is a natural laxative which helps relieve flatulence, bloating diarrhoea, and constipation. 

Good For Diabetics

Triphala is suitable for people with diabetes as it helps lower the body's cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also helps in promoting the secretion of insulin in your body by stimulating your pancreas. 

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Helps Lose Weight

Triphala may aid in weight loss as it helps boost metabolism and flush toxins out of your body. It helps reduce belly fat by strengthening the tissues of your colon.

Good For Oral Health

Triphala is good for oral health as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help prevent tooth conditions such as plaque, cavities, and gum diseases.

Improves Eye Sight

Triphala is an effective remedy to promote your eye health. Triphala eye wash can improve eyesight and prevent dry eyes, conjunctivitis, and glaucoma.

Boosts Immunity 

Triphala is a natural immunity booster as it is rich in vitamin C and increases the production of neutrophils and killer T cells. 

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Side Effects Of Triphala

Pregnancy Problems

It is advisable for pregnant women not to consume triphala as one of its ingredients, haritaki, can cause miscarriage. 

Drops Blood Pressure 

Even though triphala is suitable for people with diabetes, it may cause a side effect if people consume it in excess amounts. It may also cause an excessive blood pressure dip due to sorbitol and menthol. Therefore, people with low blood sugar levels should avoid consuming it.

May React With Medications

There are chances that triphala may react with your medications or reduce their effects. As per the study published by the National Library of Medicine, it was found that one of triphala's ingredients caused a reaction with a depression drug and resulted in mood swings and affected sleeping patterns.

May Cause Digestive Problems

Triphala may cause digestive problems when consumed in excess amounts. It may lead to digestive issues such as diarrhoea, cramps, and gas.

How To Use Triphala Effectively

It is best to consume triphala on an empty stomach to reap the maximum benefits. You should consume it in moderate amounts to avoid its side effects. If you are on medication, you should consult your doctor before adding triphala to your diet. Moreover, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid consuming it without consulting their doctor. If you plan to stop its consumption, add fibre-rich foods to your diet to prevent digestive problems such as constipation.


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