Have Flawless Feet with these Easy-to-do Steps

Regardless of the season, you must take care of your feet. Here are a few steps to follow to have neat and shiny feet.

Written by: Arushi Bidhuri Updated at: 2018-11-06 15:57

Regardless of the season, it is extremely important to take care of the skin. By skin, we mean all parts of it - you must not neglect foot care. With the growing pollution and the problems that come with them, foot care is vital to have neat and shiny looking feet and nails. 

Your feet are mostly exposed and go through a lot of dust, sweat, pollution and what not. If you wish to have beautiful feat - ones that are free of infections, then follow the following tips to achieve exactly that!

Exfoliation is important

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Exfoliation is very important part of beauty regimen but then not many of us exfoliate our feet and we aren't talking about just scrubbing your feet. Here we are talking about de-tanning exfoliation which means rejuvenating the skin and making it as beautiful as ever. This one simple yet effective foot scrub will help you get rid of tanning and achieve skin rejuvenation. 

Take two spoonfuls of granulated sugar, mix it in two spoons of olive oil. Now, scrub your feet with it. You can do it twice a week.

Do not soak them longer

You must not soak them for a long time. Soaking your feet for a long time can make them dry and will strip them off the natural oil from your feet. Keep in mind to soak only in warm water.

Use a pumice stone regularly

You must use a pumice stone regularly or on alternate days on your heel to scrub off callouses. A pumice stone helps to get rid of rough heels and dead skin. The only thing you should take care of is that you must not use it on the soft parts of the skin.

Do not wear shoes without socks

You must wear socks underneath your sneakers or any other enclosed shoes to avoid sweating. You can also put some talcum powder in the socks before putting them on. 

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Moisturise them well

This is the part that we mostly overlook. We do not moisturise our feet while moisturising is an important part of feet care. You must moisturise your feet using a good amount of the product - after washing your feet, before going to bed to have soft and supple feet. It depends if you wish to use an over the counter product or a homemade one. 

Do not forget the sunscreen

When stepping out in the sun, do not forget to put on sunscreen. The ultraviolet rays produced by the sun can prove to be harmful for the skin including the feet and they can also cause tanning. So, it is better either to cover your feet or use a sunscreen lotion.

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