5 Foods that tan your skin

Certain foods help the process of skin tanning. Here is list of five foods that are easily available and can be used to get the cherished shade of bronze.

Written by: Pratima Sharma Updated at: 2015-09-03 18:10

Most of us are keen on flaunting the most cherished shade of bronze in whichever way possible. However, owing to the depleting ozone layer, tanning the natural way is no longer an option. Tanning beds and cosmetic applications are used by millions of people to achieve the perfect tan. However, these methods have been mired in controversies. Trying out some tanning foods could be one of the best ways to facilitate the process.

These foods aid the tanning process and ensure better and brighter results. Most importantly, they are free from associated side effects and hence safe to adopt.

Tanning Foods which Help

The first and probably the most effective tanning food is probably water, which helps to keep your body hydrated and fit, especially during the summer months. If you are planning to work up the tan through controlled exposures to natural sunlight, drinking plenty of water will definitely aide the process. Interestingly, foods which are high on Vitamin C will actually slow down the tanning process. On the contrary, Vitamin A will aid the process. Therefore, you should refrain from consuming lemons, oranges, sweet limes during the course of this process.

"We already know that good nutrition plays a key role in keeping your skin looking great," says Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD a clinical associate professor of nutrition at Boston University and a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. “Good skin food like fresh produce is packed with antioxidant compounds known as carotenoids (beta-carotene in spinach, alpha-carotene in carrots, and lycopene in tomatoes). Not only do these plant chemicals keep your eyesight sharp, your immune system strong and protect against some kinds of cancer, they also help your skin look tan.”

5 of the most significant food items which will help in a big way would include:

Egg Yolks

They are high on Vitamin A and should be consumed in abundance for aiding this process. However, egg yolks are known to be high on cholesterol. If you are high on your low high density lipoprotein, you need restrict the intake to a maximum of two yolks per week.

Olive Oil

It is known to possess regenerative properties and is also a vivifying agent. Therefore it is considered suitable for tanning.


Raw carrots are considered to be excellent sources of natural carotene. Carotene is used in some form or the other by tanners, natural or otherwise, in order to boost results. Therefore, when you seek to make the most of your efforts, consuming plenty of carrots could actually help. Carrots are also a rich source of Vitamin A, which helps a great deal.


Cheese is particularly favourable too.  Prefer white cheeses or cooked cheeses for best results.


Mangoes which are rich in Vitamin A are also considered suitable for tanning.

These could be 5 foods which tan your skin or at least help you in this process. All of them are easily available and including them in your daily diet will be a refreshing and delightful change.


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