Food Items You Need To Include In Your Diet For Healthy Bones

Here we have some nutrients and food items rich in those nutrients which are essential for the bone growth and should be a part of your regular diet.

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A healthy life paves a way to a healthy body which eventually leads to a healthy life. When we talk about a healthy diet it means that it should comprise of all the essential nutrients in a proportion so that no one is overpowering the other. Although all the nutrients are equally important for the overall growth of the body, some specific nutrients have a better and more powerful effect on some parts. Where our skeletal system is the one of the most important organ systems of the human body which provides it with a structure and also helps to protect the internal organs from any kind of external damage, it is important to spare some time and give some attention to its well-being. As we know that this skeletal system comprises bones, cartilages, tendons and ligaments of the body, let us take a deep dive into the article and learn about some food items that will make our bones healthy and the skeletal system strong with our expert Dr. Manan Vora, Orthopedic and Sports Medical Expert.

Food for healthy bones

As said that a healthy and balanced diet is important for a person’s overall growth and development, it will also help to build healthy bones from an early age but will also help them to maintain them throughout your life. Here we have some nutrients and food items rich in those nutrients which are essential for bone growth and should be a part of your regular diet with Dr. Manan Vora. 

1# Calcium

One thing that we all have been taught since early childhood and still stands valid is that consuming calcium plays an important role in the formation of bones and maintaining bone health throughout life. Calcium is an essential mineral that is required for good health and is naturally found in many food items. An adult needs 700 mg of calcium in a day which can be consumed by taking a balanced diet. Let us have a closer look at what all food items are rich in calcium and can be consumed on a regular basis to achieve healthy bones.

  • Milk and Dairy Products: If you were a child who has been forced to drink milk all your childhood even after all those tantrums, you need to rush to your parents right away and thank them for it. Milk and other dairy products such as curd, cheese, butter, buttermilk, cottage cheese are a rich source of calcium and in fact have the highest calcium content. 

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  • Green Leafy Vegetables

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Eat your greens in order to stay fit and healthy and for your bone health as well. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, okra and broccoli are a good source of calcium and are best when eaten raw or in a slightly cooked form as by consuming your green veggies in this particular way would help you to reap maximum benefits out of it. 

  • Fish: Various types of fatty fish like salmon consist of various bone boosting nutrients such as calcium. Moreover some studies have also shown that the consumption of fish oil supplements reduce the bone loss in women which might help in reducing the risk of osteoporosis and also help in building the bone mass.
  • Nuts: Nuts are considered to be superfoods that are a good source of hea;thy fats, protein and nutrients like healthy fats, protein, magnesium and most importantly calcium. 

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Nuts like pistachios, almonds and sunflower seeds are rich in calcium content and are considered to be ideal for preventing osteoporosis.  

  • Tofu: Known for being rich in proteins and its varied health benefits tofu is something that would never fail to amaze you with all the health benefits it comes along with. Tofu is also fortified with nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D which are essential for the healthy growth of the bones. 

2# Vitamin D

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Those of you who have ditched the sunlight because of the fear of getting that sun tan and losing your fair glow. Well you are totally going to regret that because that sunlight was what your bones really needed. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient required for the growth and maintenance of your bones. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and hence taking calcium supplements and a diet rich in calcium would not do any good if your body lacks the required amount of vitamin d. 10 mg of vitamin d is required by an adult on a daily basis. Although it is quite difficult to get this nutrient from our daily diet as most of our vitamin d is from the action of the sun on our skin but here are some of the food items that would help you to overcome the deficiency of vitamin d a bit as these are a rich source of this nutrient and will help you to get stronger and healthier bones.

  • Fish: Various types of oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel are a rich source of vitamin d. As vitamin d present in these fishes helps your body to use calcium and omega 3 fatty acids which aids to bone health.  
  • Egg Yolk: A breakfast favourite that can be consumed in the form of boiled egg, poached egg, omelet or a sunny side up, cook it the way you like it because that is not going to change the amazing health benefits that the egg has.The yellow part of the egg known as the yolk is rich in vitamin d content and is proven to improve a person’s bone health health by helping your body in the absorption of calcium.
  • Cereal: Childhood was simpler and morning breakfast was even simpler when we used to attack a bowl full of cereal while watching our favourite cartoon. But who knew that the morning cereal would actually be good for your health and especially bone health? Your breakfast cereal might contain some amount of vitamin d which in turn can be helpful for a healthy growth and maintenance of your bones. 

This article has been created based upon the post by Dr. Manan Vora, Orthopedic and Sports Medical Doctor on his instagram account. 

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