7 Food Items You Need To Avoid This Diwali, Know Reasons From Expert

Diwali is a festival which people celebrate with lots of sweets and food, know which food items you need to avoid this diwali and why.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2021-11-03 11:06

Celebrating the festival of diwali is always a sight to behold and occasion to celebrate. Festive vibes are all around and as we celebrate this festival of lights, we also need to take care of our health and calories. Diwali is the time where you consume almost twice as much calorie as required by the body. This is because there are varieties of sweets, food items and beverages which are consumed and exchanged on this festival. OnlyMyHealth wishes you all a very happy and safe diwali, here are few tips by our expert about which food you need to avoid on this diwali and why. 

What are unhealthy items in diwali?

We have with us clinical nutritionist Ms. Shilpa Singh from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow, says there are some festive foods you need to avoid or have in minimal quantity while eating. Since there are lots of dishes being made and coming from outside, it is important to lower down the risk of having high amount of cholesterol, fats and unhealthy food items. Home-made food and sweets are totally fine, but remain aware about sweets coming from outside or snacks which are being taken from the market. 

The reason behind this is during diwali, many shopkeepers and shops give away stale or food kept from a few days in order to meet heavy demand of sweets and snacks. These foods can infect you stomach and cause digestive issues because of which you might feel very uncomfortable. Also the ingredients may not be fresh; use of reused oil and nuts etc is quite common. Here is the list of items that need to take a back seat this diwali.

Food Items To Avoid This Diwali

1. Readymade Sweets 

Not to ignore the importance of sweets in diwali, people love consuming variety of sweets but try to consume lesser sweets that have been readymade. This is for a simple reason that you may not know how old it might be and the time which it would have been made. It increases the chances of sweets getting stale and infection your stomach, hence try to avoid outside market sweets and have more of home-made sweets.

To meet demands, shopkeepers might even add adultered khoya, artificial sweeteners, etc which might be very harmful for your health. 

2. Milk items

Milk is very beneficial for health but during diwali try to avoid it if possible. This is also for the same reason as with sweets. Adulteration of milk is high during diwali and it may have harmful chemical, preservatives, etc which might cause damage to your health. Therefore it is best to avoid it for a couple of days, you can have yogurt as an alternative instead.

3. Try not to have sauces

With variety of food and snacks, comes variety of sauces. Dips and sauces itself is not a very healthy thing to have and on diwali, it is best for you to stay away from it. Sauces that are purchased from the market have high rate of additives and adulteration which makes it dangerous for the health. It also has high amount of calories and makes you feel sluggish. You can instead make a home-made sauce using pudina, dhaniya and others to give delightful taste to your taste buds.

4. Roasted food

Parties during diwali seem incomplete without having some roasted food and snacks. Non-vegetarian people may prefer chicken, whereas vegetarians may have vegetables for roast. However the reason for you to avoid these roasted snacks during diwali is that they produce excessive gas in the stomach and may lead you to gastric problems. This might increase during diwali because of already having such a heavy diet. Hence prefer not having tandoori items on diwali this year.

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5. Oily and Junk Food Items

This seems to be obvious no for diwali. Oily and junk food might look very tempting and irresistible but you need to control yourself from having these food items. During diwali you already have a lot of baked and fried foods, adding some more maida, oil and sugar can make the situation worse. Therefore it is recommended not to have additional snacks like burger, fries, pasta, etc from outside home. You need to be a little more cautious about your food choices this diwali, especially with so many viruses roaming around.

6. Non-Vegetarian food items to avoid

Well a celebration for non-vegetarians seems incomplete without having some non- vegetarian dishes. However try not having non-vegetarian food on this diwali because it is tamasic in nature. This means that it can contain toxic content and may affect your health adversely. Because of the changing season, the risk of toxic overload increases and it can lead you to problems like diarrhoea and stomach problems.

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7. Alcohol

Last but not the least alcohol needs to be slipped to the corner this festive season. It is for two major reasons one is that it contains too much caffeine which might dehydrate you body among so much work and things to do. Secondly diwali is festival to celebrate with your family, have conversation and enjoy delicious food and festive vibes. Try not to avoid it by having alcohol for all good reasons.

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