Looking To Get In Shape? Here’s What You Should Focus On For The First 30 Days

The first 30 days of a transformation are the most important, as they allow a beginner to make the most progress.

Written by: Ishaan Arora Updated at: 2023-03-29 16:50

The foundation of your body transformation is formed during the first 30 days of your transformation. In the fitness world, the first 30 days are referred to as "newbie days," and if a beginner uses these 30 days wisely, they can turn the tables and make newbie gains.  Newbie gains refer to the ability of a beginner to build larger muscles or lose weight at a faster rate than any experienced or intermediate athlete. The newbie phase is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and failing to take it seriously can hinder the process. So, if you're new to body transformation or are stuck at the same weight, let's start by figuring out how much weight you can lose in the first 30 days and what your goal should be for the first 30 days.

How Much Weight Can You Lose In the First 30 Days?

Maintaining a calorie deficit is the key to losing weight. A person can achieve a calorie deficit by eating fewer calories than their maintenance calories or by burning those calories through an intense workout. Assume your maintenance calories are 1,700, and if you eat less than that, say 1,500, you will be in a deficit. If you are desperate to lose weight, you can combine the two methods: calorie deficit and exercise. Combining both will help you lose weight faster and reach your goal sooner. Ideally, you should not aim to lose more than four kilos in 30 days, because anything more than that will be a shock to your body and may result in a mineral deficiency.

Fitness Goal For the First 30 Days

1) Work On Strength

The first 30 days are one of the most favourable days to get your hands on weights and build strength. Your goal should be to lift at 80% of your maximum capacity so that you can build muscle and loss muscle at the same time. 

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2) Learn Compound Lifts

Squat, bench and deadlift (SBD) often known as the big three, is best for building muscle and boosting metabolism. A compound movement is a movement, where you work more than two muscles at the same time. Learning compound lifts in starting is essential as it also forms the foundation of other exercises.

3) Identify Your Split

The split refers to the training programme you will follow. Ideally, it's the "bro split" which involves training one muscle per day. See if you can begin by training two muscles per day, as this will help you build stamina and endurance at the same time.

4) Incorporate HIIT

Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout should be a regular part of your routine. HIIT workouts are essential for maintaining cardiovascular health. The majority of HIIT workouts involve bodyweight movements, which help build stronger bones and muscles.

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Avoid lifting heavy weights in the beginning because you will not have enough strength, and lifting heavy can often result in a serious injury.

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