Fashion Trends For Men: Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Latest Style

Dude fashion is pretty formulaic. Sneak a peek into the closet of literally any guy you know, and you’ll see some combination of dark-wash denim, plain white tees, comfy hoodies and a handful of button-downs. Thankfully, 2019 men’s ...

Written by: Tavishi Dogra Updated at: 2019-08-29 12:34

It’s time for men to upgrade their wardrobe with the latest fashion buzz that is all about style, colors, and comfort. According to experts, it is important to check that you wear only skin-friendly fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. Also, make sure that the clothes are not too fitted; as it may lead to skin irritation due to excess moisture in the air. Here’s a quick look at what you need this season to grab the eyeballs and keep yourself at ease too.

Graphic Game

Forget solids and invest in graphic t-shirts that go well with denim. In case you are not a graphics person, try floral or tropical print to mark an impression. You can invest in half-sleeve shirts or t-shirts in free size. They are quite airy and look good during day and night as well.

Vibrant Magic

In this dull weather, make some splash with vibrant shades in your wardrobe. For that, you can invest in waterproof jackets in the shades of neon green, yellow, blue, purple and more. These are bomber jackets that you can wear with a sleeveless plain t-shirt or basic bold neck t-shirt to keep the body at ease during breezy evenings.

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Rubber Role

In monsoon, it is very important to take care of your feet and the best way to do that is to invest in shoes made with good quality rubber. From flip-flop to slip-on, you can invest in any style to mark an impression. Interestingly, you have a lot of colors to explore in this category this season. It is suggested to avoid socks with such footwear, as it is important to let the feet breathe during this season to avoid any skin irritation or infection. Also, prefer to wear open footwear and avoid closed ones.

Loose & Light

Try to avoid skinny fit and wear loose-fitting clothes. They make you feel light and in case you get wet, they dry up easily and quickly.

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Waterproof Wear

In the case of watches and belts, avoid leather at all costs. Invest in waterproof watches and belts that are vibrant and light too. They add to your style quotient and also keep your skin safe from any reaction that may occur due to wet leather.

Shorts Style

With the arrival of printed and well-stitched shorts/three-quarters, you have all the reasons to flaunt them at work. All you need to do is club them with semi-formal shirts and monsoon friendly boat shoes, and you are work-ready.  

Accessory Alert

If you had been avoiding raincoat and umbrellas for obvious reasons, it’s time for you to surf the internet and invest in the trendy ones meant for you. They will not only protect you from rain but will also enhance your style quotient.

It is all about stepping out of the comfort zone and saying yes to colors and comfort. Try it and feel the change in your overall personality. After all, why should women have all the fun?

(With inputs from Ravi Gupta, Director and Head Designer of Gargee designers)

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