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3 Exercises That Will Help To Ease Pain Caused Due To Shoulder Impingement

Here we are going to take a close look at a few simple, light and effective exercises that can help you to ease the pain caused due to this condition.

Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Nov 11,2021
Updated at: Nov 11,2021

As said by author Ali Vali, “No one can be strong all the time, no matter how broad their shoulders are.” Shoulder impingement or swimmer’s shoulders is one of the causes that results in shoulder pain. This condition gets the name swimmer’s shoulders as this is a common condition observed in professionals who practice swimming. This condition of Shoulder impingement, a person’s rotator cuff rubs against the acromion. In this condition when a person lifts his/her arm up, the gap between their acromion and rotator cuff narrows down which results in extra pressure being exerted on the muscles which causes severe pain. Some of the most common symptoms of this shoulder impingement are weak arms or shoulders, constant pain in arms and shoulders, etc. 

This condition is generally caused due to an overuse of the shoulder muscles and hence is most commonly observed in swimmers and other athletes such as baseball players. This overuse results in swelling of the shoulder tendons which leads in the pressure being exerted on the muscles and results in severe pain.

Image Credits- Ortho Banglore

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Although this condition can be totally treated through various means such as surgery, exercises, medication, physiotherapy and proper care. Out of these many possible treatments available to treat this condition, here we are going to take a close look at a few simple, light and effective exercises that can help you to ease the stabbing pain caused due to the condition of shoulder impingement.

#1. Wall V Slides

A no equipment exercise that you can simply perform at the ease of your home by standing against your wall. This exercise is said to be one of the most effective exercises that works in order to reduce the stabbing shoulder pain caused due to the extra exerted pressure on the muscles due to the rub between acromion and rotator cuff in this condition. This exercise helps in managing the pain caused due to shoulder impingement by controlling the lower trap and serratus anterior muscles along with strengthening them. This movement will not just ease the shoulder pain but will also help in reducing the injuries in the shoulder region and allows you to perform those overhead lifts.

Image Credits- Youtube

Here’s how you can perform this exercise in order to ease that shoulder pain-

  • Stand straight while facing towards the wall.
  • Get closer to the wall and place your elbows on the wall while maintaining one foot distance from the wall.
  • Innivacally place the elbows on the wall in a way that they are close to each other rich in front of your chest, opened up from the palm area to imitate a V shape.
  • Slowly move your arms upwards and outwards.
  • Retrace the path backwards and bring your elbow in front of your chest.
  • Move your arms back and forth while retracing the same path.
  • Continue this exercise for 2-3 minutes.

#2. Shoulder Correction

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A simple no equipment exercise that has proven to be beneficial in easing out the shoulder pain caused due to shoulder impingement. Shoulder correction is a simple exercise that can be done with some slow and steady movements. This exercise does not include any jerks or intense movements. This exercise is to be practiced in the initial stages in order to retrain the muscle movements and the shoulder position along with concentrating upon the front tilt and downward rotation. Here is how you can practice this simple and light exercise in order to bring the muscle and shoulder movements back to normal and reduce the pain.

  • Stand straight while maintaining a good balance.
  • Keep your hands closely attached to your body so that your palms are on the sides of your thigh.
  • Starting with your right arm, slowly lift the shoulder up by keeping your arm in the same position.
  • Now move it slightly backwards but make sure that your arm is not moving and is kept steady close to your body.
  • Repeat this exercise on both sides for about one minute each.

#3. External Shoulder Rotation

External shoulder rotation is an effective exercise that works upon the muscles that control the movements of your acromion and rotator cuff. By doing so the mobility of the shoulder increases and it also helps in easing out the stabbing pain that a person experiences due to shoulder impingement. Doing this light exercise will initially help in easing out the pain, then treating the symptoms and if practiced regularly while following the treatment and taking proper care, it can also contribute in correction of this condition.

Image Credits- Youtube

Learn how you can perform the  External Shoulder Rotation exercise effectively and reap maximum benefits out of it. 

  • Stand straight with your arms sticking to your body.
  • While tucking your elbows just above the hip bone, lift the lower half of your arms and bring it forward as if you are holding something.
  • Now slowly change the position of your arms and take them sideways from the front.
  • Retrace the same path and brung your hands forward.
  • Perform this exercise for 2 minutes.

Things to keep in mind

Where shoulder impingement is a sensitive condition, proper care needs to be taken while performing any exercise of physical activity. A sudden jerk in this region can worsen the pain and result in many other complications as well. Where light exercises can help in strengthening those muscles and the rotator cuff, stretching them up too hard can result in more injuries and severe pain. Make sure that you do not exert a lot of pressure and stress on your shoulder muscles and tendons. Do consult your doctor and therapist before engaging yourself into any exercise as these people know the best about your condition.


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