Nutricosmetics: Novel Way To Enhance Skin & Health

A relatively new entrant in the cosmetics industry, nutricosmetics has created its own niche within a short span of time. Read ahead to know more.

Written by: Tanya Srivastava Updated at: 2022-12-15 19:13

The resilience and bounce back of the Indian cosmetics industry have been unexpected. Battered by the COVID-19 situation with seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead, the Indian cosmetic industry staged a comeback which is nothing short of a miracle. The personal care and cosmetic business in India has grown steadily post-COVID-19, with more shelf space in boutiques and retail stores across the country. 

In an exclusive interaction with OnlyMyHealth editorial team Dr. Shameem S, Associate Professor - OB/HR, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, Juman Iqbal, PhD Scholar, University of Kashmir, Srinagar and Dr. Madhan Kumar, Area Chair, Marketing, NSB Academy, Bangalore explains what nutricosmetics are and why one should care. Here is what they shared with us,

A relatively new entrant in the cosmetics industry, nutricosmetics has created its own niche within a short span of time. In fact, with the rise of holistic beauty and health, the nutricosmetics market is growing and becoming increasingly competitive. Due to increasing knowledge regarding the advantages of nutricosmetics for nails, hair, and skin, it is predicted that the market for nutricosmetics would grow substantially worldwide. 

“Nutricosmetics” is composed of the words nutrition and cosmetics and describes the beauty of the skin, which can be achieved from within through dietary supplementation. The philosophy behind nutricosmetics is that beauty is skin deep and the health of the skin depends on what's going on inside our bodies. The idea is to orally take active ingredients, minerals and nutrients that nourish skin at a deeper level such as oral consumption of Glutathione, Omega 3 fatty acids, or Biotin etc. 

Nutricosmetics are dietary supplements backed by science that are taken orally to promote skin health and beauty. These are health products that are primarily used to treat hair, nail, and skin problems as well as to prevent photoaging and other detrimental effects of the sun. Nutricosmetic food supplements are offered in different forms such as capsules, vials, pills, sachets, and even gummy candy and chewing gum. 

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What have been the driving forces for the increasing growth of nutricosmetics?

Rising Awareness

Global cosmetics markets have exploded as consumers become more educated about the importance of investing in high-quality beauty products, spa services, and makeup. Consumer awareness of the detrimental consequences of synthetic chemicals in popular cosmetic skincare products drives people to seek natural components that deliver the same benefits without the side effects. Additionally, people have begun to realize that the root cause of any specific skin or hair concern is internal and the treatment should be internal too. Suppose, acne can be caused by hormonal changes and applying any topical treatment won’t make much difference. The rising awareness has made people more open towards nutricosmetics. According to a Unilever poll conducted in February 2021, 74 percent of respondents prefer the beauty and personal care industry, which focuses more on making people feel better (Data Intelligence)

Research & Development (R&D)

Rising R&D efforts to add organic nutrients to beauty products and manufacturers’ high investments in research projects drive the nutricosmetics market. R&D and innovation are improving the cosmetics sector by creating high-quality products for routine skincare or creating advanced chemical-free cosmetics items.

Digital Revolution

The e-commerce revolution has truly opened up a new way to access global brands, bypassing the hurdles of traditional distribution. Even consumers in rural areas have access to nutricosmetic products that are not available through traditional physical retail distribution. 

In addition, it is essential for nutricosmetics to focus on effective and safe formulations, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing packaging, regulatory compliance and well-known certifications, authentic and relevant health claims, and a distinctive and competitive retail strategy. 

The rising beauty consciousness has resulted in a proliferation of beauty-related items across India, produced by both domestic and international companies. The Indian cosmetics business is predicted to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years as the demand for cosmetics continues to rise among both the genders .Consumers’ tastes and preferences will change over time, but the human urge to look well and feel good through self-care will never change. Therefore, one must stay on top of the latest trends by adjusting to the growth marketing tactics accordingly. 


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