Follow These Dos and Don’ts While Using Razor For Shaving To Prevent Cuts

If you like to shave your body with a razor, you must keep in mind these dos and don’ts that allow a smooth and safe shaving experience.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2021-12-12 09:00

Beauty trends keep on changing often. While some remain for longer, some trends just come and go. A hairy body is something that most people do not like and so, they try different ways to get rid of them. Permanent hair removal is certainly helpful as it cuts down the regular struggle of hair removal, it can burn a hole in pocket. Thus, temporary hair removal is the feasible option for most people. Waxing used to be the top pick but nowadays, people are switching to shaving as it is a painless method to remove body hair. Razor comes handy in shaving the hairy part anytime anywhere as per the need and convenience but with that also comes the risks. Razor cuts can be very painful and so, it is important to use them rightly. Scroll down to read dos and don’ts of using a razor for perfectly smooth shave without cuts and bruises.

Do Prep Your Skin First

First and foremost, you must prepare your skin before any treatment. This helps the skin get ready for the process that follows. This may sound time-consuming as prepping the skin does require time but this is worth it. The reason why we are saying so is because it helps the skin get ready for the razor glide which is prone to causing scratches and cuts. Exfoliate the skin before shave as it eliminates the dead skin cell layer exposing the hair and allowing them to shave from the last layer. This is important particularly to avoid ingrown hair that cause trouble a few days after the shave. Besides, it is also said that one should shower first before shave to soften hair and make them easy to remove.

Do Lather

We cannot emphasize much on the importance of using a shaving cream or shaving foam for any kind of shave. If you don’t have one, use a moisturizing soap or shampoo to form lather and then shave. This helps in lubricating the skin allowing the razor to glide smoothly and effortlessly. Alternatively, some people also use oil as lubricant before shave(mostly while shaving face) which is also a good option for a smooth shaving experience. Never shave a dry area as this would make it drier and prone to bumps and cuts. 

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Do shave in the right direction

One of the major differences between shaving and waxing is the direction. While hair is pulled in the opposite direction while waxing, shaving is done in the direction of hair growth. This is because it reduces the risk of bumps. Also, maintaining the right angle while shaving is of utmost importance especially if you are using a safety razor for the same. Do not press against the skin as this increases the chances of deep cuts followed by infection. Be gentle and glide smoothly for feather-like finish. 

Do shave in smaller strokes

For the best finish, shave in small strokes or target small areas. This would help you track the growth and coverage for hair-free skin. When in a hurry, you can go all over the place but if you want no hair on your body, it is better to go easy and smaller strokes. However, if you are using conventional razor, it is okay as it is designed to bend with the angles. Be careful with safety razors as they are sharp and non-bendable. 

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Don’t forget to use a moisturizer

After any kind of skin treatment including shaving, one should moisturize the skin properly. Use a generous amount of moisturizer or body lotion to nourish and hydrate the skin. Since razors have blades that tend to cause skin irritation, using a good moisturizer would provide the needful calm and soothe the skin. Thus, never skip moisturiser after shave.

Don’t rub the skin after shaving

Your skin is already irritated with the shaving procedure, do not irritate it further by rubbing it with any piece of cloth. You must have felt irritation as you use a towel to clean your shaved legs, this is due to sensitive skin after shave. This can lead to scratches and razor bumps.

Shaving is certainly the most convenient and less painful method of hair removal but to achieve best results, you must know how to shave correctly. Following the dos and don’ts mentioned in this article can help achieve smooth shave.

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