DIY Makeup Removers And Wet Wipes For A Soft, Supple And Happy Skin

It is essential to remove makeup as soon as you return home. For the same, we end up using harsh makeup removers on the face, leading to several skin woes

Written by: Vani Malik Updated at: 2019-08-16 15:08

Whether you are going to an office party or date, makeup is an essential part of your life. Not applying makeup before stepping out of the house if you are a makeup lover is very rare. With the increasing craze of makeup, one can several makeup removers being sold in the market. For ease for makeup removal, we end up using several such removers, which can cause significant discomfort to the skin. There is no doubt that these makeup removers are a saviour for those who apply makeup every day, but they can have some long-lasting side effects on the skin. The chemicals present in it gradually harm your skin. To counter these problems, one can look for some natural remedies at home to clean all the makeup from your face. Following are some home remedies or readily available products at home, which can be great makeup removers.

Honey & Baking Soda

These two ingredients work best for several skin problems. Beneficial for every skin type, honey and baking soda help in removing all the makeup from the skin, further hydrating it for a soft-supple feel. To make a makeup remover out of these two ingredients, take a little honey from your kitchen and put it on a cotton ball. Dab the same cotton ball on some baking soda and scrub your face with it. Move the cotton ball in circular motions. Do not go harsh on the eye area. If the makeup doesn’t come off in one use, repeat the same method with another cotton ball for maximum benefit. Once done, wash your face with clean water and you are good to go. Face cream can be applied after washing the face with water to retain the moisture of the skin.

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Coconut Oil

For days when you have heavy makeup or waterproof makeup on your face, ditch the chemical makeup removers and opt for coconut oil. This easily-available oil works as a great makeup remover for all skin types.  Apply coconut oil on your face up till your neck to remove all makeup from the face. Wipe the face once with a damp cotton ball and then wash your face with water. Coconut oil keeps the skin nourished, saves it from drying up and gives the required skin nutrients for a healthy and soft look.


We have seen TV commercials of stars bathing in milk for its many skin benefits. Milk is not only good for the health but also beneficial for the skin. The best part, it is the easiest way to get rid of all the makeup on the face. To remove makeup with milk, dip the cotton pad in milk and remove makeup with a light hand. If you want, you can also add a little olive oil to it. If you have oily skin, you can use face cream to wash your face with a facewash.

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DIY Face Wipes

Face wipes are every girl’s saviour. However, did you know that you can very well make your face wipes as per your skin type? The face wipes available in the market mostly contain some harmful elements for the skin, e.g. alcohol. DIY face wipes are great to retain the softness of the skin.

To make DIY makeup remover wipes, you will need the following:

  • Jar with a tight lid
  • Cotton balls or rounds
  • Aloe vera
  • Skin-friendly liquid soap
  • Coconut oil
  • Essentials oils like lavender
  • Vitamin E oil

Procedure to make the wet wipes:

  • Put everything except the cotton round in the jar with the lid. Shake well
  • Then, stack the cotton rounds in the jar and shake gently to coat the cotton balls with the concentrate
  • Use it on the go or while at home to remove your makeup and even to keep your face free of dust and pollution

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