Ditch The Lips, Focus On The Eyes By Not Making These 4 Eye Make-up Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Did you know applying eyeliner can go wrong too? Here’s what you need not do while using one for a younger-looking you!

Written by: Vani Malik Updated at: 2020-07-10 09:29

With mask becoming an accessory that we cannot miss before we go out or something essential to keep us safe from the virus scare, it is almost impossible to put lipstick on as your only make-up on the face. Now is the time for your eyes to do the talking. Beautifully lined eyes and a natural light base is enough in times like these when you are just heading out to run errands or heavily lined eyes without any lipstick if you have resumed office. But, did you know that some glaring mistakes while doing the eye make-up can make you look older? 

If you do not want to look older but only younger with your beautiful eyes doing the talking, take note of these four eye make-up mistakes that you should mend right away: 

Mistake #1: Choosing the wrong concealer 

The first thing that we do before doing the base is to conceal the eyelids and the under eyes. But just when you use the wrong concealer for your skin tone, it all starts to go wrong from there. One should know that which concealer or rather colour corrector will work for you. Hence, if you have dark eyelids and dark under-eye bags, you should opt for pinks for fair skin and orangish for a dusky/deep skin tone. Try to choose the shade which is one shade lighter to your original skin tone for the eyeshadow to pop out in its real colour. 

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Mistake #2: Leaving your brows undone 

We know gone are the days when nicely lined and done eyebrows only meant fashion or correct. The runway trends depict something else. But, if you are taking the pains of painting your eyes, why to let the undone eyebrows take away all the glamour? Your eyebrows can change the way you look and a little gel to tame those little hair strands is also not harmful at all. These gels come in transparent colours and in the tinge of black and brown too, suiting your original skin tone. Take an eyebrow brush, take some gel, brush off the extra in it and brush the hair up. This will make you look for youthful. 

Mistake #3: Applying dark, thick eyeliners 

It does make the eyes pop out, but a thick layer of eyeliner is not something that would make you look sleeker or younger. Draw a thin line, especially for the daytime. Do not go overboard and draw a line as per your natural eye shape. Also, just like a haircut looks better when it is done as per your face shape, the eye make-up and the liner looks even better if you are aware of your eye shape. 

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Mistake #4: Last but first when it comes to make-up; skipping the primer 

The step-by-step process is to apply the primer before you apply anything on the face, and then you start building your make-up on it. Our eyelids are the most sensitive part with various lines and creases. When we directly apply make-up without any primer, we know the make-up settles in those fine lines, making your skin prone to early ageing and also for the make-up to look all washed out and dark and smudgy. This not just makes you look older but also your hard work on making those eyes look pretty. Hence, do not forget to pick a primer and make your skin a canvas for some exciting brush strokes and art. 

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