How Second Pregnancy Is Different From First, Expert Explains

In the second pregnancy, you may feel lower abdominal discomfort, stretching, or pulling sensations earlier, as you can perceive them better.

Written by: Sambhav Kumar Updated at: 2023-01-12 08:30

It is sometimes a state of confusion for mothers who have conceived for the second time, as to what they can expect for their second pregnancy. Dr Manjiri Mehta, Consultant-Gynecologist, Hiranandani Hospital-Vashi, explained about the difference between first and second pregnancy. 

Difference Between First And Second Pregnancy

Though they have gone through pregnancy once, it is not the same, and no two pregnancies can be compared. There are a few distinct areas where women can feel a difference – physical, emotional, and labour, delivery, & breastfeeding. Second pregnancy can be different on following aspects: 

Lower Abdominal Discomfort

In the second pregnancy, you may feel lower abdominal discomfort, stretching, or pulling sensations earlier, as this time you can perceive them better. Expansion and heaviness of the breast also happens, but the sensitivity is much lesser. 

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Colour Of The Breast

The colour or pigment changes in the breast are less noticeable. Your tummy may feel larger, and the bump may show earlier due to poor muscle tone, which results from the previous pregnancy. 

Frequent Urination And Tiredness

You may feel that the tummy is pendulous and the baby is placed lower than the last time. This may lead to frequent urination. You may feel more tired as there won’t be enough opportunities to take rest as you are already busy with the first child. You may experience more Braxton-Hicks Contractions.

Emotional Difference

Emotionally you are not as anxious as you were during the first pregnancy, since now you know what to expect, unless the first pregnancy was not smooth. If you had a vaginal delivery the first time, it is easier and faster the second time; the duration of labour is usually shorter. Breastfeeding too is easier as you are well-versed with it. Many mothers get stressed with the thought that they will not be able to give enough time and love to their first one, but one need not stress as your love will only expand.

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While most aspects of the two pregnancies are different, some things should remain constant like regular antenatal visits, medication, sonographies, blood tests etc. It is best to take care of yourself, follow the advice and enjoy the journey.

Mental State During Second Pregnancy

Even if you've gone through pregnancy before and know what to expect. You will get less time to enjoy your pregnancy because this time you have a child to care for. Consider using any of the following tips to help you regulate your emotional state:

  • You can ask your family, friends, and partner (a given) to help look after your child
  • Consider taking a full day or half-day off to ensure you get enough rest, you need to prioritise  selfcare
  • Try to incorporate exercise in your daily routine in order to maintain your mental health


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