Dietary Guidelines By Expert For Weight Loss in Thyroid Patients

Losing weight when you have thyroid difficult but not impossible. Follow these guidelines for effective weight loss.

Reviewed by: Swati Bathwal,Dietitian and Diabetes EducatorPublished at: Jul 08,2022
Updated at: Jul 08,2022

Thyroid is a gland that secretes three vital hormones triiodothyronine (T3), thyroxine (T4), and calcitonin. Thyroid condition is caused due to dysfunction of thyroid gland that under or overproduces these hormones. Thyroid patients are prone to gaining weight that risks them to obesity and other associated health problems. So, experts always suggest maintaining a healthy body weight to regulate thyroid levels. Onlymyhealth reached out Swati Bathwal, Dietitian and Diabetes Educator for weight loss dietary guidelines for thyroid patients.

Why do thyroid patients gain weight?

Metabolic system is a crucial part that manages body weight and some other bodily functions. With great metabolism, a person can manage their weight effectively by burning active calories. Thyroid dysfunction impairs metabolism that affects their weight. They gain easily and find it hard to lose the gained weight. In the long run, this can impact their overall wellness by posing some serious health risks like obesity, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, to name but a few. By taking the right diet, you can aid weight loss while managing your thyroid.

Increase your iodine intake

Iodine deficiency is one of the reasons behind metabolic impairment in people with thyroid. Underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism patients need to increase their iodine intake to be able to lose weight. Iodine mineral stimulates production of TSH hormone that helps in effective weight loss.

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Foods to add to your diet- Table salt, eggs, dairy, Cod fish, Indian mackarel, seafood are great sources of iodine.

Have more fibre

Fibre is utmost important for digestive and metabolic health. Having more soluble fibre daily helps in significant weight loss as it detoxifies the body, boosts digestion and keeps your full for a longer time.

Foods to add- whole grains, chickpeas, lentils, beans, apples, berries, cruciferous vegetables(cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts)

EXPERT TIP: “Add a pinch of black cumin seed powder to a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach. This acts as a thyroid supplement as it is extremely effective in controlling thyroid or preventing it.  If u are taking thyroid medication in the morning avoid taking this powder for at least 1.5 hours”, quotes Swati Bathwal.

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Increase intake of selenium-rich foods

This is another trace mineral that can initiate weight loss in thyroid patients. Selenium also eliminates free radicals from the body that boosts immune system and initiate faster calorie burns.

Selenium-rich foods to add- almonds, eggs, legumes, shellfish, red meat, chicken, eggs, and organ meats.

Reduce consumption of sugar and carbs

Sugar and carbs should be a NO-NO for all weight loss aspirants. Thyroid patients, in particular should limit these two in their diet not just to lose weight but also to avert the risk of diabetes, cholesterol and heart diseases. Dietitian recommends consuming foods with a low-glycemic index that do not affect insulin levels. You can also change your diet plant to a low-carb and high-fibre diet. That might bring considerable results.

Try changing your meal time

When you eat is equally important as what you eat. If you are not getting results, consider having your meals at different times. Thyroid patients shall try intermittent fasting which restricts your eating window and allows the body to burn more fat. However, this might be difficult for some people. In such a case, you shall restrict the number of meals to have daily.

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