5 Daily Habits That May Damage Your Joints

From smoking and stress to texting, here are five daily habits that can damage your joints.

Written by: Varun Verma Updated at: 2023-01-15 09:00

Joint pain is a common symptom in people who suffer from arthritis. In this condition, the health of your joints deteriorates, and the cartilage and bone around joints tend to erode along with the weakening of surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This is one of the health conditions that damage your joints. But do you know that even your daily habits can have a detrimental impact on your joints? From smoking and stress to texting, here are five daily habits that can damage your joints.


Besides harming your lungs and heart, smoking also has a damaging impact on your joints. Cigarettes contain nicotine that constricts blood vessels, which limits the quantity of oxygen and vital nutrients from reaching your joints. Besides, smoking can also lower the effectiveness of certain medications taken in case of rheumatoid arthritis.

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Stress is another factor that can cause pain in your joints. When you are stressed, your body releases certain chemicals that cause inflammation in the joints. Additionally, stress can make you vulnerable and decrease your capacity to tolerate pain. Thus, it is in your joints and overall health's best interest to manage the stress level. You can manage stress in many ways, like exercising, meditation, yoga, and mental health therapy.

Texting Too Much

It might seem surprising, but texting too much may not be good for your joints. On the one hand, having a conversation with your loved ones over text may give you joy, but the constant tapping may irritate your tendons. Not only your fingers but also your neck and shoulder are affected by this activity.

Over Workout

Exercise and working are undoubtedly beneficial for your body. However, this is the case when you do it in moderation. Over-exercising is bad for your health and body and can cause cramps and sore joints. If you are a novice and planning to exercise, it is best to begin slowly and lightly. Further, you can start with light stretching and running. In the case of strength training, begin with lifting weights.

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Ignoring Pain

One can have joint pain due to many reasons, including over-exercising and wrongly lifting a heavy load. This can cause pain in your whole body or a particular body part, including joints. Sometimes, this pain and soreness leave your body early. However, one must pay attention to joint pain and visit a doctor immediately to diagnose and cure the pain.


Besides these daily habits, a sedentary lifestyle can also damage your joints. It will make it hard to maintain a healthy weight, which can stress your joints. What you eat also has an impact on joint inflammation. Foods like french fries, pastries and red meat are some inflammatory foods that can worsen your joint pain. So along with working on these daily habits, one should also check their lifestyle and change it accordingly, so it benefits both your body and mind.

Most importantly, pain and inflammation in joints should never be ignored. As soon as symptoms arise, make sure to visit your doctor for a thorough diagnosis to eliminate the risk of bigger issues.

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