Does Make-Up Expire? How To Steer Clear Of Toxic Make-Up Ingredients?

The expiration of each makeup product may vary from one to another. Read ahead to know everything about makeup expiration.

Written by: Tanya Srivastava Updated at: 2022-05-28 09:00

Let's be honest, we all want to utilize our make-up products to its last drop or dust. From lipsticks to foundations and eyeshadows, buying make-up is an expensive deal and when we hear that make-up can expire over a course of time it breaks our hearts a little. It is absolutely okay to hold on to your favorite shade of lipstick or pencil eyeliner, however you should know that like any materialistic thing in the world, make-up products too come with an expiration date. 

We are sure that this made you dig into your vanity box to know if your favorite mascara has done bad. But keeping old make-up products past their prime can expose you to harmful toxins causing serious skin problems. Here is your comprehensive guide to make-up products and their expiration dates.

When Does The Make-Up Expire

It is true that all and every makeup product can go bad. Albeit, the expiration of each makeup product may vary from one to another. Generally, the expiry date of each one of them is labelled behind or under the product itself. A more versed glance can be made by the immediate packaging of the product.

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From the date of manufacturing to best use before, the packaging of the product elucidates the exact information of the kind. Usually all make up expires within 2 years of the purchase. However, for instance with eye makeup like pencil liners, liquid liner, kohls and eye shadows the date is sometimes as little as 3 months.

In case of unopened and sealed makeup products, it should last up to 2 to 3 years. There are several preservatives in the makeup that do break down over time even after the product is unopened therefore, it is advised to keep completely sealed products in a cool and dry place in order for them to stay good for longer.

What Happens If You Use Expired Make-Up

Expired makeup products tend to get dry and crumbly. Most people use saliva and/or water to moisten it in order for a better application. However, what it does in turn is that it introduces bacteria. Yes, thereby you put bacteria infused makeup directly on your skin. When these bacteria set on your face they find their home and rest there. It can even start to harbor bacteria on your skin. Using expired makeup products can lead to skin problems like:

  • Acne
  • Rashes
  • Pigmentation
  • Sties
  • Eye Infections

When To Throw Make-Up Away

The first sign to throw the makeup away is its expiration date. Once it hits its expiration point, it's time to say bye-bye to your favorite makeup product, however expensive or perfect it matched with you. Later, if you have any kind of eye infection, steer clear of any make up product as it can house more bacteria that can worsen the infection. It is suggested that you check the expiry date of every and each makeup product before you buy it.

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It is also clear that expired products will not perform optimally. You should at all times refrain from using makeup products that exceed its prime to avoid skin irritation and infection. Additionally, you should also not use makeup applicators such as brushes and sponges of other people. So, what are you waiting for to check if you have any expired makeup product in your vanity and get rid of any that you perhaps own.The expiration of each makeup product may vary from one to another. Read ahead to know everything about makeup expiration.


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