Unable To Pack On Muscles? 7 Common Mistakes Causing Muscle Loss

Growing muscles is simple, if you stay away from these seven mistakes.

Written by: Ishaan Arora Updated at: 2023-01-31 15:11

Apart from weight loss, another reason for what people join the gym is to build muscle. Losing weight or gaining muscle takes time and is a long-term process that improves over time. People often go hard on themselves when it comes to muscle building, lifting heavy weights to gain the most muscle. In reality, building muscle requires only smart training and adequate rest. So, if you're binging on protein and lifting weights every day but still not seeing results, chances are you're making one of these seven mistakes.

1 Ignoring Compound Lifts

Compound exercises are those that work for more than two muscle groups at once. Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and leg presses are all examples of compound movements. Apart from muscle building, compound exercise increases testosterone, which is essential for muscle building. So, if your programme does not include them, it is time to add them and ensure the gains.

2 Depending On Supplements

When it comes to muscle building, we frequently believe that it is impossible to build muscle without the use of supplements. In reality, supplements make up only five per cent of your routine, and they work when your diet is on point. So, if you are eating in a deficit, taking supplements will not result in any gains.

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3 You Are Overtraining

It appears to be common knowledge that the more you train, the bigger you will become. This is true within reason, but it produces different results when taken outside of reason. Overtraining depletes muscle mass and is a leading cause of injuries.

4 Same Workout

From the exercise you begin your workout with to the number of reps and sets you perform, everything is important. However, we frequently repeat the same workout, which may be the reason why our muscle growth slows down and we do not feel more tired. As a result, it is critical to change your workout routine every six weeks.

5 No Rest Days

Our muscles grow not in the gym, but rather outside of it. We break our muscles when we exercise, and it is during sleep that those muscle fibres grow, which is why rest days are important. On rest days, your goal should be to sleep more and eat more calories in order to prepare for the next workout. 

6 Skipping Leg Day

Everyone from young to old just wants bigger biceps and chests. The legs are undoubtedly one of the most under-trained muscle groups. In reality, our legs are the most important because they make up half of our body, and when we train large muscle groups, protein synthesis increases and more muscle is produced. It is not only the legs that have this effect but any large muscle group, such as the quads or back muscles. So if you are serious about building muscles, concentrate on large muscle groups.

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7 You Are Inconsistent

Gaining muscle mass is a gradual process that requires regular exercise. Your progress may be hampered if you are inconsistent. Most people fail to gain muscle mass because they are impatient and do not take training seriously. Every exercise takes time to produce results, and you must be patient.

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