Chest Pain In Children: Know Reasons From An Expert

Chest pain can also occur in children, however reasons might differ. Read to know reasons by expert.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2022-02-23 11:20

Chest pain is a dangerous symptom and it can take you towards many serious health conditions that might not be pleasing. Chest pain can be caused because of many reasons. Chest pain in children is comparatively low than cases that occurring in adults. As adults have more cases of heart problems that leads them to chest pain, in children other factors play more evident role. You may have known about discomfort in chest region, this is because of some underlying health condition that may or may not cause serious health problems. However in any such condition, especially in case of children, chest pain should not be taken lightly. 

How to find chest pain in children?

We spoke to Dr. Suman Chakraborty, Consultant and Pediatrician with Sahara Hospital, Lucknow to understand about this condition in detail. She told that chest pain in children is more common because of muscle stress which is also known as musculoskeletal chest pain. This originated from the bones present in the chest and then spreads throughout the chest. Other conditions that may cause chest pain in children can be spasm of cramps in chest. It can be due to persistent cough or inflammation of a cartilage tissue.

Causes of Chest Pain in Children

Pediatrician told that there could be multiple reasons for chest pain in children. If children complain of any kind of discomfort in chest, you must seek medical attention. Here are some causes that are evident in children-

1. Spasms or Cramps in Chest

One of the major reasons for having chest pain in children can be due to cramps caused in the wall muscle of nerves. This could be quite painful experience and requires quick check up to understand the condition. The pain caused in chest at this stage in condition is called precordial catch syndrome. These spasms or cramps can be treated in a few days after diagnosis.

2. Persistent coughing

Another extremely common reason for having chest pain in children, especially below the age of 8 years could be because of persistent cough. Coughing can cause severe discomfort in children because their muscles are not as strong as adults. Persistent cough in children can be due to common problems such as cold, nausea, etc. 

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3. Inflammation in Cartilage

This could be a far more serious condition as it affects the cartilage connecting bones with the chest. Inflammation in the cartilage in the above region is called costochondritis. It does seem severe but it does not cause major problems because it can be treated with the help of ibuprofen and other pain relievers. 

4. Pneumonia

It is a lung infection which causes irritation in lungs. This is a severe infection that could cause pain in the chest of children. Pneumonia affects infants as well as kids. Pneumonia can cause painful experience when it comes to breathing and lead to shortness of breath. The condition of pain in chest because of pneumonia is called pleurisy. 

5. Acid reflux or Gastroesophageal problems

Children can also have acid reflux issues in their esophageal canal and it can lead to burning pain in the chest. Acid reflux issues and diseases can be very painful for children and they are usually not able to control in sometimes. It might also cause heart burn in children and therefore could lead to complications. 

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6. Anxiety and stress

One of the common causes which are often neglected in children is anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress can affect children’s health as well. If they are going through some emotional trauma or stress in their daily life, then it could affect their heart. This anxiety or stress might also lead to pain in their chest; however it is less common to have it. 

7. Heart attack in Children

It is rare for children to have heart attack without having any underlying condition that may trigger it, but it can be one cause. Heart attack in children can cause severe and sudden pain in the chest region and some might even faint. Cardiac arrest condition is hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is one of the conditions that affects heart issues. Other issues can be abnormal heart rhythm disorder.

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