Here Are 5 Myths About Cesarean Delivery

Women often have many questions about C-section delivery. Hence, it is important that they know about these myths fully and then take some decision.

Written by: Tavishi Dogra Updated at: 2020-07-18 17:39

Do you know that one-third of the world's babies are born by Caesarean section/delivery? But people in India still have doubts and myths about it, as they feel it will be harmful to the mother. People always have misconceptions about this process, and they think that normal delivery is the best. Often pregnant mothers and their families have so many questions and myths about Caesarean delivery, hence they try to avoid it. Doctors often suggest a C-section only after seeing the condition of women. Therefore, this decision is entirely of the mother, and the doctors also recommend C-section delivery because of the mother's health. But you don't need to trust these myths too much. Let us tell you why.

Myth 1: There is no pain in a C-section

C-section is generally considered less painful than normal delivery, but in reality, it is not so. Although normal delivery causes less pain in the C-section, however, it is not the case that there is no pain. Even women continue to feel pain for 2 to 6 weeks after a C-section operation. Apart from this, the most significant disadvantage of C-section is that after delivery women have to take complete care of themselves until the wound of the operation is wholly healed. Also, if the wound of the operation is not taken care of properly, it may cause infection. 

Myth 2: Complete unconsciousness at delivery

Many women feel that they may be completely unconscious during a C-section, whereas this is not the case. This is a complete assumption, whereas now an expectant mother is given epidural or spinal anaesthesia during caesarean delivery. Due to this anaesthesia, the mother is not entirely unconscious while giving birth. Anaesthesia is given to the patient so that the patient feels less pain during delivery.

Myth 3: Breastfeeding and its troubles

Some women feel they should not breastfeed their babies if they have had a C-section delivery. Normal childbirth or a caesarean has little effect on the ability to give birth to a child. Likewise, it does not have any impact on their breastfeeding. After a C-section, every mother can breastfeed just as they would in a normal delivery. If breastfeeding is painful, there may be some other reason behind it. For this, the doctor examines the mother and the child separately. 

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Myth 4: Recovery after delivery is not as the normal one 

If a woman wants to ensure that she has the same skin recovery after a C-section, she should first talk to her doctor. Caesarean delivery depends entirely on the pregnant woman's body, and recovery takes time accordingly. At the same time, some women feel that the use of C-section will not create a relationship between them and their children (which connects the mother to the child). But this too is just a myth. Caesarean section is a process of delivery and does not affect the mother and child in any way. All remains the same as in normal childbirth.

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Myth 5: Getting C-section is a boon

The method of delivery of a woman is a personal choice, and she can choose any method of delivery until the time of birth. But selecting the C-section method for delivery cannot be called a boon. According to the World Health Organization, C-section delivery is necessary when:

  • A woman is going through a labour pain for a long time and is unable to deliver
  • Mother's worsening condition or high blood pressure
  • Due to the sudden change in the baby's position
  • A child showing an abnormal condition
  • Cause of fetal distress

In such a situation a c-section delivery of the expectant mother can be done. Therefore, it would be wrong to call it someone's poor or rich.

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