Body Oil or Body Lotion: What Is Better To Protect Your Skin From Harsh Holi Colors

Preparing your skin for Holi but confused as to what to apply on your skin- body oil or body lotion? Here is the dermatologist’s answer.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2020-03-06 09:23

Holi, undeniably, is the most colorful and fun festival of the year. It is one of the most celebrated festivals of our country. Traditionally, it was celebrated with dry gulal, clean water and lots of laughter. However, with changing times, unfortunately, it has now become a festival full of synthetic colors with buckets of dirty water. There are many questions related to skincare that people have before Holi. Most people are confused whether to use body oil or body lotion to prep the skin for Holi celebrations. Dr. Nirupama Parwanda, Dermatologists & Founder, Zolie Skin Clinic tells which is best- body oil or body lotion.

Body Oil Vs. Body Lotion

There seems to be a continuous tussle between people who are trying to figure out if they should apply body oil or lotion before playing Holi. The main question here is which one is going to help their skin avoid soaking up all the chemical-based colors? Well, the answer to this question is both. You need the help of both body oil and lotion to let your skin conquer over chemicals. Before you get confused as to what to apply first let me break it to you in the form of a schedule you must try to abide by.

The night before Holi

This is the time where your preparation must begin. Even though you must have a little more than 10 hours before you can go crazy and enjoy the festival you must be well-prepared beforehand. This is when your body lotion comes into the picture. Lathering up your dry skin with holi colors is a complete no-no. To make sure that you are not doing your skin any serious damage you must apply a generous amount of body lotion a night before Holi.

Pro-tip- You can even use Vaseline for really dry areas like elbows and knees and nourish them with the required amount of moisture. Also, you need not buy any new body lotion just to play Holi. Using your regular body lotion is sufficient. Just make sure you apply a lot of it and you’re good to go.

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now this is the day you’ve been preparing yourself for. The festival of colors is officially here now. Try waking up early and taking a shower before you play outside just to avoid any germs. After taking a shower lather yourself with your body oil. While I understand that certain body oils are expensive and cannot be used for lathering purposes; there are many cheap yet effective alternatives to them. One such alternative is coconut oil if you do not have body oils, then simply soak yourself in coconut oil. For your face apply a thick layer of almond oil before you head out. Make sure that you do not forget oiling your hair and tying it in a braid to protect it from both the chemical and sun damage.

Applying body oil before you head out is going to prepare your skin for all the chemicals it is going to encounter and help you remove them easily afterward. Just use a mild cleanser on your face and follow it up with a good toner.

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While there is little you could do to avoid the splashes of synthetic chemicals but with the help of these simple tips, you can surely enjoy this vibrant festival without compromising on your skin.

(With Inputs From Dr. Nirupama Parwanda, Dermatologists & Founder, Zolie Skin Clinic)

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