For the Best Body Ever, Pick these Weight Gain Supplements, Ladies!

Weight gain supplements for women must comprise lots of protein over carboydrates for the ideal weight gain. Learn what makes a weight gain supplement the best.

Written by: Bhadra Kamalasanan Updated at: 2013-12-06 12:44

Supplements that claim to help a woman be as fit as a fiddle are perhaps just the right inroad you discovered, but it only takes a wise woman’s wealth of knowledge for her to pick what will be right for the body and not counterproductive.

Being skinny as a stick is not something even weight loss aspirants want. Just how being obese is considered reprehensible, being extremely thin is considered a major trigger of social paralysis. This is where weight gain supplements pull themselves out of the safe shelf. We understand the lack of accessibility of such weight gain supplements for women because the market is overwhelmed with the number of “weight gain supplements for men” fan clubs. But, we insist that you stop fretting because here is your cue to just what you should ask at the concerned store to get what you want.


Protein-based Powders

When you are trying to gain weight, you have to make sure that you do not put on fat, but lean body mass and one way you can just improve your muscle is by increasing your intake of protein. You would find lots of protein supplements that will help you prioritise protein intake over that of carbohydrates as well as fat. Protein supplements can easily be mixed with water or milk.  Check the label of the protein supplement before buying it. Make sure it has CLA and Medium Chain Triglycerides as these help to encourage the process of burning of fats. Essential fatty acids and the presence of fibre in the protein supplement will be beneficial for the overall health of the person. The powdered supplements will be available in different flavours.


Nutrition Bars

If you do not like protein powders or shakes, here is something you would rather eat to gain weight: nutrition bars. It is amazing how there are meal-replacement bars in the market to help you gain just the amount of calories you would get after eating a whole meal. Besides, these nutrition bars are tasty. There is no way you would miss your meals if you carry a nutrition bar with you. And this turns out to be one of the best ways of keeping with the weight gain routine. Nutrition bars can be easily found in grocery stores at a mall.


Supplements based on Carbohydrates

If you compare carbohydrates-based products with the protein-based supplements, you will realise that the former are packed with more calories than the latter. Carbohydrates make sure that one puts on weight faster than any other supplement. But, if you do not want to put on so much weight quickly, make sure that you either split one serving into half or have it only on days when you have limited time to eat. These supplements should also have the same ingredients as those mentioned above. Some carbohydrates-based supplement will have added nutrients in them.


Before Buying Weight Gain Supplements

Celine A. Leonard, author of Causes of Weight Gain suggests that you do the following before buying a weight gain supplement:

  • Conduct a thorough research on what it is that you should look for in a weight gain supplement and where you can find it.
  • Read the label thoroughly to make sure that the ingredients mentioned are in the best of your knowledge.
  • Consult a physician about the products and your likeliness towards using it before you finally decide to buy it.




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