Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Must Use A Hand Cream

If you don’t want your hands to look dry, dull and aged, you must invest in a hand cream and use it regularly. Read more benefits here.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2021-07-21 14:06

Your hands are the most ignored parts of the body because we care about our face but forget that our hands too need TLC. The last thing about skin care would he hand care and this should not be done. Simply applying body lotion on your arms don’t mean that you have cared enough for your hands. Applying a good hand cream at least before going to bed helps in nourishing your hands and keeping them soft and hydrated. Lately, women have become aware of hand care and why hand creams are an important tool in vanity. If you still do not know the importance and usage of a hand cream, you must read this article as we explain 5 reasons why you must invest in a good hand cream.

Combat Dry Hands

If you are a housewife, you would must be using a lot of soap and detergent. In case you don’t know, these make your hands dry over time. Also, these days we are using a lot of hand sanitizers that irritate the skin and cause dryness, itchiness and sometimes pain. Since this is a mandatory cleansing mechanism that cannot be skipped, you can minimize the damage by applying hand cream multiple times a day. Check for Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C on the pack as these are great.

As per Dr Aparna Santhanam, Skin Expert on ITC Charmis, “When it comes to skincare, most of our focus is usually face forward, while completely ignoring important areas like our hands. The skin on our hands is sensitive and excessive hand washing, constant use of alcohol based hand sanitizers, increased exposure to the environment and air pollutants makes specialized hand care vital. I recommend using an efficacious hand cream that is packed with potent ingredients such as Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to rebuild the barrier, and also provides the dual benefit of hydration and protection against bacteria.”

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Treats Skin Inflammation

Using chemical cleansers and soaps for washing hands can lead to irritation that can aggravate inflammation issue. Your skin would become red, flaky and uneven. Besides, it would also become very sensitive and you may experience other skin problems. You must get a moisturising hand cream to keep them smooth and supple. This would reduce your irritation and prevent inflammation. If you use it frequently, your hands would become soft, smooth and even-toned.


Ageing not only appears on your face but also on your hands. You must have noticed wrinkles and fine lines on your hands if you don’t take care of them properly. If you don’t want your hands to look aged, you must use a hand cream. This helps in securing elasticity of the skin so that it doesn’t look lose and wrinkled. 

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Healthy Nails

Apart from hands, your nails can also get benefited with the use of a hand cream. Particularly, in the monsoon season when bacterial and fungal infections are highly prevalent, using hand cream and keeping nails clean ensure that no infection is caused to your hands. Get an anti-bacterial hand cream if you are susceptible to skin infections. These apart from providing nourishment would also keep infections at bay. 

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