5-Step Beginners Guide To Growing Your Weak Muscle Group

Muscle building takes time, and in order to grow your weak body part, you must provide it with enough calories and adequate rest.  

Written by: Ishaan Arora Updated at: 2023-01-29 13:30

Believe it or not, once you start lifting, you will never get satisfied! When a person first begins exercising, their only goal remains is to get in shape, but as they make progresses and get in hand results, they become addicted to it. You will not find an athlete not obsessing over their diet and training. Regardless of how hard you train, there are always muscle groups that are unique to individuals that take longer to grow. Without a doubt, rest is important in growing a weak muscle group, but there are five other ways to grow a weak body part that works for both beginners and advanced athletes.

Load Up On Calories

The ultimate formula of muscle building is to train hard and consume enough calories. A person should be in a calorie surplus for muscle gains; for example, if your body weight is 70kg, your maintenance calories would be around 2100 calories, and to build muscle, you should exceed your that by 500 calories. So your daily goal should be to consume 2600 calories, and these calories should be divided throughout the day and  the majority of calories are consumed in breakfast and before working out. Moreover, these 500 additional calories should be carbs, as they fuel your workout and provide your body with slow and steady energy throughout the day.

Train In Evening

You need food to build muscle, and you are most likely deficient when you train in the morning. When you have a full day to binge on food, your workout intensity also increases. Basically, you should avoid training on an empty stomach and only go to the gym if you have had a good meal. However, if you have been training in the morning for a while, changing your workout time can act as a new stimulus, resulting in muscle gains.

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Follow Bro Split

It is always advised to work on two muscles simultaneously when aiming for building muscle. However, when it comes to developing your weak muscle group, you should dedicate a separate day to it. A bro split in training is a split in which you train only one muscle group. When you have the ability to train a single muscle group, you do it with full intensity, and that muscle absorbs all of the food, which helps it grow.

Less Is More

Overtraining is frequently the culprit in preventing muscle growth. When we first begin exercising, we believe that if we do 500 reps, we will gain muscle overnight. In reality, a muscle only grows when it is shocked by different variations, which does not require 500 reps. Moreover, if your goal is to build lean muscle, you should limit yourself to no more than four exercises per week to avoid muscle depletion.

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Take A Day Off

Remember that muscle building is a slow process; muscle only grows when properly rested. Taking a day off before and after your training can result in maximum muscle gain. The only thing to remember is that these are not your cheat days; you need to take off from training, and your diet should remain consistent; instead, you should eat enough to produce maximum muscle.

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