Smart Makeup Tricks: 7 Beauty Hacks To Follow This Festive Season

Smart beauty tricks: Putting hours on makeup and hair could be a tiresome task. In such a situation, you can adopt these tricks.

Written by: Tavishi Dogra Updated at: 2020-11-04 17:51

How to prepare yourself for the upcoming festive season in a few minutes? The festive season is around the corner, and you may have planned your programs to look your best. Everyone wants to look beautiful and might be looking for simple beauty tips to leave a perfect impression. But wait! We should not forget that COVID-19 pandemic is likely to stay for longer as it has been around for 10-11 months now. Hence we should celebrate all the festivities as the pandemic guidelines. So, if you want to append that unique zing to your personality this festive season? Here we are sharing some helpful tips that will enhance your look.

How to use white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger? 

There are some days when you wake up feeling tired! Don't panic, as you can use a white eyeliner, which will help you look energetic and makes your eyes look bigger. No one will get to know that you were out too late/ slept late at night. You can also hide your fatigue with a golden highlighter and apply it on the outer corners of your eyes and cheekbones. This is an easy but efficient way to look fresh before your morning coffee.

Mascara lipstick: Usually worn on the face 

Have you not thrown your old mascara brush yet? Great! You can use it on your chapped lips. Mascara Wands make the perfect exfoliator for chapped and dry lips. They help to make your lips smooth and beautiful in no time. Also, always keep baby lip colour with you, and you can apply it anytime and anywhere. By trying such things, you can make your lips beautiful in a smart way.

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How to put vaseline before perfume?

Are you too lazy to take a shower? Don't worry; you can use a good perfume instead. Before spraying your scent, apply vaseline on your skin as it will help your perfume last longer. In this way, you can smell good throughout the day, and you will not feel that you haven't showered.

  • Blush for your eyelids and cheeks: Please select your favourite blush and give your eyelids and cheeks a fresh and shiny look. No one will get even to know how you are looking so beautiful in a few minutes. You can prepare yourself for any festive party. For this, always keep it in your purse.
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  • Skip foundation and use concealer: Instead of following your foundation routine, dub a concealer and look fresh. If you are not able to touch your makeup at any time of the day, then be sure to take your concealer with you. This way, you can get ready with easy makeup tricks.

  • Use baby powder for oily hair: No time to wash your oily hair? In such a situation, you can use baby powder, as it will absorb all the extra oil and help your hair look less oily. In this way, you can quickly get ready for the Diwali party.
  • Always keep makeup remover near you: It is necessary to remove makeup every night, no matter how lazy or tired you are. Placing your makeup remover next to your bed is the easiest way to ensure that you take off your makeup. In this way, you can keep your face healthy and clean.

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