Basic Precautions To Take While Doing Bicep Exercises With Heavy Weights

There are some dos and don’ts that one should follow while doing any exercise to prevent injuries.

Written by: Gandharv Gulati Updated at: 2020-09-17 16:24

Bigger biceps are the dream of almost every man. Having a chiseled body with robust arms and heavy biceps just upscale the physical appearance of the person. There are so many people who join the gym just to make their muscles and get bigger biceps but that isn’t as easy it seems. There are certain dos and don’ts that you are to follow to maximize gains and minimize the risks. Also, making mistakes while working out may cause trouble for you by triggering health issues. Take all the necessary precautions while doing bicep exercises with heavy weights.

If you use heavy weights for bicep exercises you should be aware of some key points to avoid mistakes. These can not only injure you but also undermine your gains. All the hard work can go in vain if you don’t take some precautions.

#1 Do not train your biceps daily

Regular workout is not really suggested by experts as it is important to allow recovery time to the body. The same goes for arms or biceps. If you want to build your biceps without compromising on the arm strength, it is necessary that you give some break to bicep workout. This also increases muscle strength and this process is termed as ‘supercompensation’.

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#2 Work out in the proper form

When performing weight training with biceps, make sure to place the body in natural alignment. While doing bicep curls, your shoulders should be fixed and stable to the side along with the elbows that should be a hinge joint. 

#3 Don’t push the dumbbells far

This is a common mistake than many people make while doing bicep exercises. Never head over the dumbbell to the shoulder. The forearm should stay in the vertical position. This can pull the muscle and cause strain.

#4 Maintain the speed

Avoid rapid execution at the starting of exercise. Maintaining the form and steady speed is more important to allow the muscles to work up and then slowly burn.

#5 Elbow motion and position

It is very important to keep the elbows steady while doing bicep curls. Keep the elbows close on the side of the body and allow movement of only the arm below the elbow.

#6 Avoid using your torso or shoulders

When doing dumbbell curls, do not involve your shoulders and torso as there are higher chances if heaving and twisting movements. Maintain the form and fully concentrate on the arms. If you want, you can reduce the repetitions or instead practice with lighter weights. Once you master the art, continue with heavy weights.

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Lastly, avoid bicep exercises with a heavy weight if you have any arm injury. If you suffer from any pain during exercising or you have an arm injury, it is better to avoid exercising until you are healthy. Neither you’d be able to exercise properly nor reap any benefits. Instead, you may end up aggravating the condition. Rest until you are fully recovered.

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