Healthy Ageing Month 2020: Ayurvedic Tips To Be Followed In Sharad Ritu

Healthy Ageing Month 2020: Follow This Ayurvedic Guidance To Live A Healthy Life

Written by: Tavishi Dogra Updated at: 2020-09-18 11:23

SEPTEMBER is known as Healthy Ageing month! Worthington is the creator of "September is Healthy Ageing month, to attend positive aspects of growing older. By narrating, it's never too late for being healthy! But do you know an interesting fact of biology- you are only six months old! Every cell in the body is replaced by a new cell in 6 months. HERACLITUS beautifully wrote, "no man ever steps in the same river twice". You know your chronological age and your mind keeps telling the new cells about this chronological age. This memory is enough for your dullness. It is nevermore too late to work on your health", Ayurveda science provides proper guidance for living a healthful life no matter what age. September is the beginning of Sarad Ritu, keeping that in mind the following guidelines should be followed:

SELF CONTROL IS A GAME CHANGER: People often demotivate others if someone is following a disciplined lifestyle by trolling them for not enjoying life. But the real truth is trollers don’t have self-control and will power to lead a disciplined life themselves. A person with self-control is much healthier and happier than others as they have strong willpower to follow the right lifestyle.

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According to Ayurveda - what you eat, drink, think and do all contributes to your health. During the Sarad Ritu bland food which is easily digestible should be consumed:

  • Green gram and natural sweet products from plants should be consumed
  • Gulkand, instead of sugar candy, should be used. Sessional vegetables should be cooked in rock salt.
  • Uncooked pure cow ghee should be used in your pulses or chapati.
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  • Always eat at hunger strike!
  • Some things that should strictly be avoided in this session - heavy diet including non- veg, excess oil and fried foods
  • Extra exposure to sunlight, sleeping during the day, extra indulgence in sex ( once in 3 days is allowed)

HEALTHY TIPS: Some tips which should permanently be incorporated in your lifestyles

  • Discipline life flexible lifestyle is the root cause of all disorders
  • Early to bed early to rise is the first step towards your wellbeing
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  • Take fresh oxygen of early morning, do vyayaam (exercise for 15 mins)
  • Fruits should be taken before noon, and Fruits shouldn't be taken after noon either after your meal
  • Same goes with salad - one should eat a salad before a meal, neither with meal nor after the meal but it should be taken in the afternoon.

  • Drink boiled water - that water can be taken at average room temperature
  • Randoms eating should be avoided (TIP: This could be avoided by differentiating emotional hunger and actual hunger - for, eg. One will never wish to eat khichdi in emotional hunger but the same one will eat that khichdi in real hunger)
  • Eating dinner before 7 o'clock or maximum of 8 o'clock should be adopted. Without rectifying these small mistakes which we make unknowingly we can't attain health.
(With inputs from Dr. Sangeeta Singh, RMO - NirogStreet Certified Center, Varanasi.)

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